Tuesday, January 5, 2010

spring in the new year...

it's a new year and time for a fresh start. stores are having sales on all their winter merchandise and making way for their spring lines. it's always been hard for me to start thinking spring knowing there's still two months of bitter cold and snow, but this year, i'm turning a new leaf. i resolve to get my spring wardrobe in tip top shape before the flowers start blooming. the trends ahead are all promising: plaids, pale neutrals (my favorite), khaki, florals...and i vow to get my spring must have list in order asap, but for now there are a couple things i'm dying for. i saw these sweaters in lucky magazine and i can't help but feel like i need one, or both:

of course they're both expensive, but i truly need both of these in my closet. i don't have anything similar and how inspirational are these for me? hopefully, they'll go on sale. and they'll be great for the beginning of spring to layer. love them.

i've been wanting a long sleeve black mini dress for awhile now and i think i found the perfect one.

so simple. yet makes a big statement. can be worn with flats, boots, heels, tights, no tights, over leggings (not me), under a thicker longer cardigan...options--plentiful. this one is in my price range, so i'll grab it, but i found so many others i loved:

i know, another black dress, right? but there's something unique about all of these, whether it be the cutout in the sleeves, the bell sleeve detail, the one shoulder bare vs. lace sleeve...it's those subtle touches that make these black mini dresses stand out to me. and i don't care what anyone says, i feel that wearing a little black dress is the best cure for a fashion rut. anytime i slip on something like that, i feel amazing.

i'll save my mini dress for special occassions, but for everyday, i'll stick to my blouses with unique details. muted nude tones are in this season, and i fell in love with this one:

i love how weirdly off center it buttons, the unexpectedly oversized collar...the color..everything. this is for sure on my must have list for spring. also making the cut is this "tee shirt" (that's how it's described). i can't tell what color i want it in though:

or this color: i'll probably opt for the blush color. regardless, i want one. i love the thought of spring shopping and de-layering myself after yet another long cold winter. good thing fred is starting to get spring merchandise in now...time to start compiling my list!

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