Sunday, March 29, 2009

boy(friend) crazy

i think i'm developing a split personality. lately i have been obsessed with all things feminine--if it's described as silky, airy, flowy and made of silk or chiffon, i've been all over it. i'm sure you got that from my last couple posts. so, how is it possible that i've gone completely mental over all things boyfriend? boyfriend blazer, check. boyfriend jeans, check. boyfriend shorts (and i hate shorts), check. oversized button down, check. straw fedora, check, check, check, check. completely opposite on the style scale. but yep, i have made it my latest fashion mission to obtain all key pieces to achieve this look. i love how laid back and easy the style is. check out some pics:
i opted to purchase the basic black oversized blazer with the striped silk rolled up sleeves and i love it. i love it with my paige premium denim boyfriend jeans and monrow harlow vneck tshirt. i wear it with my gray jeffrey campbell flats. i tried to wear my fedora, but that's bf overkill i think. the hat is super cute and looks similar to this one:
i think i have to keep it simple like that pic.. just a plain tank, the hat and possibly my new bf shorts:

the shorts i got were the william rast birdie bf short. i love the current elliott ones above here, but the rast ones fit better. anyway, i can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear these shorts! (sidenote: are you kidding me with the snow this weekend? come on now. yuck. and all i can do is stare at my spring wardrobe just begging to be worn. but my stupid sporto fur lined fleet farm boots are laughing at me as i put them on yet again for another trek through wisconsin weather hell this morning.)

okay, back to boyfriend ensembles. as much as i miss the cute girl-next-door-joey days-katie holmes at the ole dawson's creek, i have to say i like katie's fashion sense as of late. she was one of the first celebs consistantly wearing this look.

and the look works for her. with flat sandals, heels, whatever, she looks cute. but i must say suri cruise gets my vote for cutest cruise family member. even if she prefers burberry dresses to her mom's bf style, i think she is hilarious. and adorable:
sorry, i had to put that pic in. it just cracks me up. but really, i love the bf look and i hope it stays in style for a long time. some of my fave celeb bf looks:

again, katie looks cute, reese is perfect and i love the second rachel bilson shot. what's the deal with that dog? it looks like she's carrying it with such ease, but it's not a tiny dog..i just don't get it, anyway, the boyfriend look, styled differently for your viewing pleasure.

and i'll keep it kinda on the same casual note for the knock it off this week. come into fred and score some super discounted denim, like the pair below, half off in store right now.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

yellow ledbetter

what does that even mean? yellow ledbetter? i was trying to come up with something catchy as a title because i'm blogging about yellow dresses and mixed metals. that's all i could come up with. it doesn't really make sense, but then again, it could since i don't know what it means. anyway, i read life and style magazine for the celeb fashion trends...not for creepy octo-mom gossip, but the last issue was full of yellow dresses and it just made me happy. i love the color yellow. it looks iffy on me, but i love it. it's cheery and reminiscent of the sun, i guess, and that's why i love it. mixed metals are huge right now too. i love accessories. probably just as much as clothing. and i'm so glad mixing metals is finally acceptable. i used to always wear black and brown together and people would say, "you can't mix black and brown," and i would just look at them and say i liked it, big deal, but it seemed like i was breaking a fashion law. same went for mixed metals. you could only wear all gold or all silver. well, i'm glad to say, anything goes now. i love this crazy kinda over the top mixed metal necklace. i've really never seen anything like it, so i love it. statement necklaces are still huge, and this one makes a statement. i'm also a fan of this other look-at-me necklace:
if you don't like pieces that mix both metals, just wear your favorite pieces of gold jewelry, with some silver. i wear my hammered gold cuff, that looks like this on one arm:

and i'll wear it with a couple thin silver bangles on the other. or i'll wear that cuff on one arm, and a big chunky hammered silver ring on the opposite hand. i'm just glad the days of matchy matchy are over. yuck. gold and silver make great neutrals too. when i'm not sure of what color footwear to wear with a certain outfit, i can always put on my gold or silver sandals and they look good. with anything really.

so,there's some more examples of mixing metals. you can wear them any season, any occassion and you'll look great. now, to put me in a better mood--yellow! i picture myself on vacation somewhere in this dress:

it just looks comfortable. i'd consider belting it so it's not so sack-like...not that it looks sack-like there, but it never hurts to define a waist. i love the chestnut colored sandals with the yellow too. so cute. pretty much any of these yellow dresses make me smile and i want them all:

i like that they are styled so many different ways. wearing the dress with black opaques is a great going out look, when it's this time of year...too chilly to go bare legged. i love the trendy funky second look with the short cowboy boots and the last dress is so simple and looks great with the gladiator-inspired chestnut brown sandal. the options are endless!

and if you have more time to kill after reading this, check out the new additions to our website at click on the kiss and makeup box for product reviews/trends. there's a box for my favorite celeb looks and a box for styling tips. don't forget it's ladies night at fred next thursday, march 26th from 5-10pm! hope you can make it!

so, i'll leave you with eva mendes wearing a yellow dress...and one quite similar in stock now at fred!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

that dvf garden zaria jacket

i can't get that jacket out of my head. it's about $900 bucks so i really need to stop obsessing. i've resorted to outlining ways to obtain said jacket. donate plasma, be an egg donor, sell random things on ebay, consign more clothes...anything to have this gem hanging in my closet. here it is, incase you haven't seen it. ah, ms. von furstenberg, you've really outdone yourself this time: i fell in love with it the second i received the march issue of elle magazine with jessica alba wearing it on the cover. everything about it is beautiful. must win lottery. anyway, it sparked my latest obsession with all things garden floral. the jacket is like a piece of art. it looks as if the floral pattern was painted on by one of the great impressionist painters or something. my hunt began to find this look, but at a price point i could afford. i learned that this look is easier to find that i thought it would be. it's everywhere! mary kate and ashley's line, elizabeth and james, had a couple pieces that fit the bill. i love this tulip dress from their line. and have been drooling over their "spring bell" skirt for a month now:
and learned it came in dress form too:
but what i chose to own was the elizabeth and james toyko ikat print blouse instead, since it reminds me a bit of the dvf jacket:

i am in love. i'm going to wear it with my new william rast birdie boyfriend shorts. hurry up spring...

anyway, in my search i found tons of clothing items with this dreamy garden-floral print. i especially enjoyed all the silk scarves i found. versace, missoni, gucci...everyone had beautiful scarves right now:

i want to collect them like pieces of art and hang them on my walls. hmmm...maybe i will.

drew barrymore wore an amazing alberta ferretti dress that made me want to stock up on silk floral dresses for spring and summer. and i LOVE the fred dress that meghan is wearing in this picture. i can't wait to own it:

i think i may really be on the color-for-spring bandwagon. just seeing color makes me smile. but of course i'm still a LBD fan and always will be. just as we got this floral dress in, we got in two of the best black dresses EVER at fred. i've knocked them both off as seen on the hopefully soon to be knocked up jennifer aniston. enjoy:

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Monday, March 2, 2009

for the love of god, stop snowing

posting about spring fashion usually cheers me up. i anticipate happy hours on outdoor patios or walking and shopping around the third ward or brady street in cute floral dresses and sandals. i'm finding it a challenge to even muster up one happy springy thought right now. seriously, i don't think i can take the snow anymore. it's march. please stop. it looks like early january outside my window right now. my friend who lives 10 minutes away from me said it's perfectly sunny and not a lick of snow has fallen by her. i couldn't get my car out of my garage because i was snowed in earlier today. it's a gd blizzard here. agghhh wisconsin weather, you really suck.

so i'm in a darker mood and that's inpiring my trend picks this week. i've been dying for a leather motorcycle jacket for awhile now. i have a pleather one, that i do really like, but since it's colder here more than it's warmer, i think i can justify a real leather one at this point. i've been waiting for this guy to go on sale for what seems like an eternity:
i love the color of that one. and it's the perfect cut/style to go over most things that i'll be wearing this spring. drapey tshirts, floral dresses...anything really. that's the beauty of these jackets. they add the same coverage as a cardigan (kinda) but they're so much cooler and edgier. i like this one a lot too. the details make it stand out to me:
i like the elbow detail:
i don't even care what color i get. i love all the tans, taupes, or even the classic black. they all look good and are extremely versatile:
you can pair them with my other trend of the week...zippers. they're everywhere. i love dresses with a big zipper in the front like these:
or trendier yet, the back zipper. check out my new intern meghan in a couple of fred dresses that nail this zipper trend:

the zipper is almost an accessory on its own, so don't go overboard with jewelry or crazy footwear. the dress is the statement here. keep the rest simple. so, just throw your new leather jacket over the dress and add some pumps and you're done. easy.

and my last trend of the week is the romper. look at little dakota fanning all growns up. hahaha. she looks cute in her onesie. seriously though, rompers are hot for spring. fred just got in a couple styles of rompers and they will go quick. come check them out:

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