Tuesday, April 21, 2009

get it together

i've been posting about all the spring trends i'm obsessing over, so now it's time to put all the looks together. hopefully everyone's got a good start on their spring wardrobes--i know i do. (hello disgusting visa bill that showed up in my inbox today. yikes.) so, let's take a gander at the looks as worn by the truly stylish celebs and get our spring wardrobes on the right track:
trend #1: distressed jeans/scarf look:

jessica alba got it right wearing her distressed boyfriend jeans, cute flats and scarf. i know i've said throw a scarf on before, but really, just do it. you'll look completely put together just like that. carry your cute hobo/slouchy bag and if it's cold (duh) add a cardigan or pick up a must-have wrap/cardi by alternative apparel, the brand i told you about last post (which arrived the other day at fred and has been selling fast!) and you're out the door. this look is casual, easy and best of all comfortable.

trend #2: nude shoes:

how ridiculously cute is isla fisher here? i love the bright yellow dress, with the belt and leather jacket. i have to say this is one of my favorite celebrity looks for spring. nude shoes go with anything. absolutely anything. sometimes i'm intimidated by wearing bright color, but when you tone it down with nude or camel-colored accessories, it's really not scary at all. it stands out and you'll make a great impression.

trend #3: florals:

joy bryant is one of my favorite celeb dressers. she always looks cute to me. i love her mini floral print dress and the way she accessorizes with the fringe boots and cropped blazer. i like the blazer idea too, because i get sick of wearing my little leather jackets all the time over things. ashley tisdale keeps it simple accessory wise with the black shoes and tuxedo jacket. whether you like your floral print subtle like bryant or bold like tisdale, the trick is to balance it out with the right accessories. keep it simple. i'm an accessories fan, and i remember reading once, i think coco chanel said it, but i could be wrong and i'm too lazy to look it up...take one piece of jewelry off before you leave the house...or it could be one accessory. i really do take in that advice. i'd easily walk out wearing three rings, a necklace, earrings, bangles...but i remember reading that. and i adhere to it. less is more. moving on...

trend #4: statement necklace:

i know we're not all loaded and can buy these designer pieces, but i have found some great affordable statement pieces that look amazing. fred, and our sister store, luscious, both have huge accessory departments and we get great necklaces for under $40. while i love the way these models look in their necklaces, i tend to stick with wearing them when i have on a simple outfit, like a white tshirt and jeans, or a simple strapless dress, kinda like the first model here. the idea here is to have the necklace be your outfit. the rest is secondary. it's a great conversation piece and they really are stunning on. lastly...

trend #5: my favorite, the boho look:

nicole richie and those olsen girls have always inspired me fashion-wise and i love how nicole wears the maxi. anyone can wear them, tall, short, curvy, skinny and they look great. i know it's a more summer-time look, but if you're going on a vacation, they're perfect. comfy, stylish..throw on some flat gladiator sandals and you're set.

crazy gladiators are still in style and make any outfit boho. boots too. i'm now obsessed with finding a pair of perforated summer/cowboy-esque boots. mini dresses, flowy skirts, leather jackets and aviators...all key boho pieces. love the look. always will.

so, that's that. my push to get everyone to pull those spring looks together. come see the looks tomorrow at the neroli fashion show at the domes. tickets are $25 at fred or luscious, and $35 at the door. doors open at 6:30. hope to see you there!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fashion sushi and other ramblings

so, my friend cheryl and i started talking the other day about sushi. i told her i was going out for sushi with a friend and she went off on this hilarious tangent to me about how she feels so much pressure to like sushi, when she really doesn't. she thinks it's ok, but not the greatest food ever...and that's how people make her feel. when she says, "i'm not really a huge fan of sushi", they'll quickly retort with "what, you don't like sushi, why don't you like sushi...you just didn't have good sushi." hahaha. i find this hilarious. she actually gets angry when sushi is brought up. i find cheryl's rants amusing...and it got me thinking, what's the equivalent to sushi in the fashion world?
for me, it's leggings. i hate them. not a fan. and when someone says, "oh that would look great with leggings, " and i say, "yuck, i don't wear leggings," i feel like i'm being attacked..."what, you don't like leggings? they'd look great on you, you're so little, they're made for you." well, sorry john q. pub, i hate leggings. and i especially hate when people call them "leggins" it sounds so goofy to me. leggins...not legginGs...slang for leggings i guess. leggins. yuck. hate it. and i'm sorry i think they're dumb. i hated them the first time i wore them in the early 90s. and i feel they are my sushi equivalent in the fashion world. everyone loves them, and i hate them. and feel personally attacked when i say that. i will say they look cute on some people. i'm a lindsay lohan fan and she looks cute in her leggings most of the time.
but they're just so bizarre to me. they look like aerobic attire.
i feel like lindsay can pull off the look, but she's young and a total free spirit. i really hope her outfit in the middle was a costume or a joke, because yikes is that gross. but the other ensembles work for her.

i really like how kate bosworth wears the leggings here, and i guess maybe i'd wear that, but it's so not me. sjp's look is cute i guess. borderline maternity but whatev, she looks cute and casual. anyway, leggings are still all the rage, and wear them if you want. just don't yell at me for not liking them. thank you. :)

on a totally unrelated note, my intern meghan was trying on trench coats that we have at fred and she looked adorable. check her out in this printed trench:

i love jackets. i have so many, i don't even have time to wear all of them. this print is perfect for spring and so different. it totally makes the outfit. i love the basic trench too, like this one we have at fred now:
it's such a classic. you really can't go wrong with a basic khaki trench. the modern details like the dark leather buttons and shorter bubble sleeves offer that clean, classic look but with a twist. and that's cool.

i have a trench from a couple years ago from fred. vintage fred i call it. i get compliments on it all the time. it's got a big blob of paint on it from when i stupidly grazed up against a recently painted dresser , but i still wear it. i feel like i'll be wearing my coats/jackets for months to come. still in the 40s. i have people ask me all the time, can i go bare legged to a wedding this weekend? can i wear open toe shoes yet? can i wear a strapless dress now? my answer is yes, um, yes...wear whatever you want. it's not gonna get warm for awhile. we get like 2 minutes of summer here, so yes, dump the depressing winter clothes for now, and wear whatever you want. who cares about rules/seasons anymore? i know i don't. wear what makes you happy. my new motto.

and this tunic/dress we just got in at fred makes me happy. it reminded me a bit of nicky hilton's outfit i liked, so i knocked it off. it's not exact, but close enough.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

oh what to blahg about today...

i've pretty much given up on the thought of warm weather. spring here is nonexistent, and i'm always cold. people were walking around in short sleeve shirts/tank tops with no jackets the other night and my car's temperature gauge read 34 degrees. insanity. well, whatever, at least fred is always hot inside. most people would say it's sweltering in there, but for me, it's perfect. anything that gives me a remote inkling that it can be warm, or warm weather is coming, makes me happy. but for now, i'm in an early spring slump and all i feel like doing is throwing on my favorite jeans, fleece pullovers and hats. so, i decided i would continue to throw on hats pretty much everyday until it gets warm out. covered up, head to toe, that's me til it cracks 60 outside. done.

i've always been a fan of the hat. at times i've stuck out like a sore thumb in my cowboy hat and braids, or my over-the-top faux fur flapper hat with the big ole pom pom things on it, but i never care. hats are cool. my grandpa wore hats everyday and looked sophisticated and stylish and always made a statement. i like to do the same. i mentioned the fedora i loved, and bought a couple weeks ago, and since then i've bought two more. i'll tell ya, they are conversation starters. i think people are intimidated by hats, and i think that mentality needs to stop. for me, i can get an extra 20 minutes of sleep if i know i'm wearing a hat..dirty hair hidden under hat. awesome. i actually feel more confident in a hat. i think i made my point. i'm rambling per usual. hats=cool. these are some of my current faves:

so, that's that for now. hats are where it's at for me. i can't wait to wear my new hats with all the new merchandise we're getting at fred later this month. i'm soooo excited for the new lines we picked up: alternative apparel and kasil jeans. alternative apparel is this super cool tshirt line and we stocked up on it. shirts, hoodies, a cute skirt, some dresses...all super affordable and the most comfortable material EVER. i have a couple of their burnout tees and i wear them all the time.

kasil jeans are amazing. i actually won a pair about five years ago doing those lucky breaks in lucky magazine. i wore them to death, and they were my faves for a long time. i'm so glad we got this line. check it out: http://www.kasiljean.com/catalog/CategoryTemplate.aspx?CCode=5001;shop%20for%20women

i can't wait for these lines to arrive...look for them at fred towards the end of april. i'll let you know when we're getting them as soon as they ship. so, that's it for now. hopefully i won't be complaining about the weather much longer...hurry up 60 degrees. i'm getting impatient.

until then, stop into fred for your 40 degree temperature outfits, like the one similar to heidi klum's here:

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