Sunday, November 22, 2009

check please...

i don't know if it's just me or what, but i swear the number of red n black checked flannel shirts worn around town has multiplied ten fold. lumberjack chic is taking over the city. and it's not just cool hipster types. i'm seeing everyone in them. i'm not gonna lie, i have a fair share of flannel/plaid shirts and even i have one of these lumberjack numbers. purchased at target for $15. i have always liked the look of this style and honestly, am surprised at how trendy it is right now. i saw a big gap ad, all lumberjack chic. i don't know if that is sparking the craze, but i literally saw four people at alterra today in them. one being myself. ugh.

i remember this cover from elle mag, and it revisited my love for the plaid:

i remember when that came out, i busted out the same look. big western belt and turquoise necklace. what a copycat i am. then i saw one of the olsen sisters wearing this:
and i was inspired to work the whole lumberjack chic meets rocker chic look...resulting in a really cool style. i think that's the best way to style this look. i like wearing my flannel with my long sleeve ivory rebecca beeson thermal under it, my current elliott elephant bell jeans with my new favorite hat, a cable knit newsboy hat with brown wood buttons. i can't find a pic of the exact hat, but it looks kinda like this one:
i've recently been on a shopping hiatus, since i moved, and i said i couldn't buy myself one thing for the rest of the year (gross). but i saw these boots, and NEED THEM ASAP.

these need to be in my closet by christmas. i've been doing so well not shopping, but i swear i put these jeffrey campbell tall engineer boots in my online shopping cart once a week. i am to the point of obsessing. i've styled at least twelve perfect outfits with these boots as the centerpiece. one being very lumberjack chic. why can't i just win the lottery?

on that note, you won't need to win the lottery to shop fred's black friday sale. check your email this week to see what we've got in store for you. you'll want to show up early, 6am, for the best deals! we're open 6-6 on black friday and getting in a huge shipment pre-sale. see you there!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

disco biscuit

i was watching a movie the other day and they made a reference to a disco biscuit that they were going to take pre-studio 54. i find the term kinda funny, even though i'm not a big club goer or pill popper. regardless, i have always been intrigued by the 70s. studio 54, andy warhol, the glam, the socializing...all that appeals to me. i probably wouldn't have fit in too well, but i would have tried. i love looking at pics from that place and checking out what people wore. halston was a big one. i love halston fashion. the long flowy dresses are amazing. i love seeing all the stylish people, smoking, drinking...just letting go. and dressed to the freaking nines. i wish i had an unlimited budget. i wish there was a studio 54-ish club here that i could go to. i think it would be ridiculously cool to get all dressed up in sequins for a night and totally let loose. in fact, i think i'm throwing a studio 54 themed party soon.
70s glam. so over the top, but so awesome. born to be alive. i love it. sequins, fur, super high gold shoes....more people should embrace this look. maybe they do and i'm just hanging out at too many hole in the wall places.
high waisted jeans, fur vest..i love those nude colored false eyelashes. and all the thick gold jewelry is awesome. very rachel zoe. i was perusing one of my fave websites, shopbop, and checked out their sequined items that i could wear. these are my picks:

um, seriously, those sequin leggings are insane. i doubt i could pull that one off, but i'd really like to try.

i would totally wear that sequin jacket. i love it with her current elliott skinny studded jeans too. i'm still a huge fan of that denim line. i've decided that this holiday season, i'll attempt to channel my inner studio 54 fashionista and wear some sequins, or fur, or false eyelashes and glittery makeup. stop into fred for your sequins party dresses, fur vests and thick gold jewelry soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

ode to emily

keeping with my aspen chic or sporty chic themed posts, i'm going granny chic this week. and my new roommate emily is the inspiration behind this posting. emily is obsessed with granny chic anything. she loves shopping in secondhand or consignment stores and wears the vintage-inspired look with ease. i'm not a vintage-y girl, even though i love the look of it, it's just not me. of course i had my phase of only wearing vintage...i think every girl into fashion does. but i've discovered that i just can't wear it. not cuz it doesn't look good...but because my skin breaks out and i sneeze and i feel like my throat is closing. even after a couple washes, i still feel this way. is it psychosomatic? perhaps. but what i do know is i have the same reaction around cats as i do post secondhand clothes wearing, so i've concluded i'm allergic to it.

there's a certain kind of woman that can pull off granny chic.
this chick can. you don't have to wear actual old vintage clothes for this look. nowadays, i feel like this look is everywhere. embellished cardigans are at every store and boutique i frequent.
whether it's gemstone embelishment or tiny rosette embelishments like on that last picture, cardigans with extra details add that granny flaire. some might be thrown off just by the term granny anything..i mean, who wants to look like their grandma at their age? but when styled in a modern way, with funky vintage-y jewelry or with distressed boyfriend jeans, this look is very now.
her tweed skirt and fur edged wool coat work. add those blush/nude shoes and you look like anything but an old lady.

coats are a pivotal part of this look. all wool knee length, a line coats work. we have great floral brooches at fred that would complete the look. add trendy shoes like hers and a knit beret to solidify this look.

one aspect of granny chic i do love is the jewelry. kenneth jay lane creates some of the most modern vintage jewelry i've seen.

other pieces i love:

i like the cameo pendant on the super long chain. all these pieces can be worn with embellished cardigans or worn with a simple white tshirt and look great.

i think this style is perfect for late fall early winter. it oozes coziness and comfort. if it's not your every day style, i think it could be easily incorporated into your wardrobe by adding just an element or two of the style.