Sunday, January 11, 2009

transitioning your wardrobe

the temperatures are supposed to be below zero in the next couple days, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about my spring wardrobe now. i like to think ahead about what i can wear now and continue to wear come april or may.

1. lightweight cardigans. can be worn now over long sleeve tops, and come spring, layered over a tank.
2. distressed denim. looks great now with sweaters and boots. in spring, roll them up and add a tshirt and strappy sandals.
3. scarves. scarves serve their purpose in winter by keeping us warm. come spring, wear the scarf over a simple tee or tank for a casual cool look.
4. printed top. adding a print in winter instantly makes an outfit pop. we fall into our normal black/gray/brown rut, especially in colder months, but just wearing a top with a print like the one below under a cardigan will cheer you up in these cold and dreary months. come spring/summer, you can wear the top alone with jeans.

you can wear any one of these style components alone, or put them all together for a full-on outfit.

another easy way to punch up your wardrobe is with accessories. if you haven't been to fred in awhile, you haven't seen our great accessories department. stop in later this week for a bunch of new great accessories. you can find all of your basics...hoops and stud earrings, bangle bracelets and chain necklaces with pendants as well as trendy, fun statement pieces, like big jeweled necklaces and large chandelier style earrings that all the celebs wear. we took a vote and we think our intern kristina's earrings look amazing:

we know money's tight, that's why our accessories range from $8-$38. they're a great purchase when you are having a bad day and want to wear something new without breaking the bank. when i'm low on cash and want to make myself feel better, i always go straight to the accessories department. it's ridiculous how a new pair of earrings can turn my mood around just like that!

i hope everyone had a great new year's. one of our loyal fred customers, lori vanover, sent me a pic of her and her husband on new year's eve. note that she is wearing the striped dress that i knocked off a couple weeks ago!

happy new year! i finally am able to take some pictures again, so here is eva longoria's outfit knocked off with fred apparel.

Knock It Off

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