Monday, January 26, 2009

another spring trend i can't wait for

those who know me wouldn't describe me as girly. yes i love clothes fashion and romantic comedies, but when it comes to personal style, i'd never fall under the catagory of feminine or girly. yet i'm constantly drawn to floral print dresses and tops. i'm not a big pattern wearer, but i can say i have quite a few floral print items in my closet. when i want to feel "pretty" i wear them. most of the time i'll wear a floral top with my distressed jeans or my floral print chiffon dress with my cropped leather jacket over it...i guess to balance the look out and feel more dressed down and casual. but i'm so excited floral print is big this spring. i'm in love with these tops:

i like that one for the print itself. it screams spring to me. i like the drawstring ties and i like the looser fit.

i like the watercolor-esque print of the florals on this one. the jersey material makes it comfortable to wear ruched up with leggings or i'm sure you could wear this as a dress with flat metallic sandals.

but i'd have to say this one is my favorite. as i mentioned before, i love mixing patterns and i love strapless tops with jeans and heels in spring/summer. i am drawn to this one the most and love the colors and pattern.

there are tons of options for floral dresses as well. dresses are so easy in spring/summer and really are a no brainer. just slip them on, add shoes and go. i love this one:

i like how flirty it is. i would wear this for a dinner date or a night out. i like floral dresses in a silk/satin like this one or a more dressy chiffon type material like this:

both of these dresses are examples of floral print i would wear out and feel very feminine and springy. the more daring could do a floral print in either a mini dress or a maxi dress. both are still very much in style. i like this mini for it's asian inspired floral print and detail on the sleeve. also it incorporates the nude colored shoes that are hot this season:
i love the fit of this maxi dress. i always felt like maxi dresses were for tall women, but my friend jillian looks adorable in her fred maxi dress and she's only like 5'3". she wears it with flat sandals and looks so put together and comfortable. i like this one, and am excited to try out wearing a maxi dress this year.
the floral print is so versatile and i think universally flattering. you can wear it subtly in a top, or go all out and wear a floral print maxi. wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. this print has been all over the magazines lately, and the first look was created at fred. come check it out:

that cool corset-type belt is only $16 at fred. we are getting a ton of new spring accessories in this week as well as a major shipment of spring merchandise. definitely stop in and take a look!

well, now i'm sad to say that my style intern kristina that has been photographed for my blog has finished her internship at fred. i'll still have a couple more photos of her in upcoming blogs, but we'll all miss her at fred and wish her continued success. in honor of kristina, i'm going to use her for my knock it off this week. it looks like she's waving goodbye. :(

Knock It Off

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