Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fashion sushi and other ramblings

so, my friend cheryl and i started talking the other day about sushi. i told her i was going out for sushi with a friend and she went off on this hilarious tangent to me about how she feels so much pressure to like sushi, when she really doesn't. she thinks it's ok, but not the greatest food ever...and that's how people make her feel. when she says, "i'm not really a huge fan of sushi", they'll quickly retort with "what, you don't like sushi, why don't you like sushi...you just didn't have good sushi." hahaha. i find this hilarious. she actually gets angry when sushi is brought up. i find cheryl's rants amusing...and it got me thinking, what's the equivalent to sushi in the fashion world?
for me, it's leggings. i hate them. not a fan. and when someone says, "oh that would look great with leggings, " and i say, "yuck, i don't wear leggings," i feel like i'm being attacked..."what, you don't like leggings? they'd look great on you, you're so little, they're made for you." well, sorry john q. pub, i hate leggings. and i especially hate when people call them "leggins" it sounds so goofy to me. leggins...not legginGs...slang for leggings i guess. leggins. yuck. hate it. and i'm sorry i think they're dumb. i hated them the first time i wore them in the early 90s. and i feel they are my sushi equivalent in the fashion world. everyone loves them, and i hate them. and feel personally attacked when i say that. i will say they look cute on some people. i'm a lindsay lohan fan and she looks cute in her leggings most of the time.
but they're just so bizarre to me. they look like aerobic attire.
i feel like lindsay can pull off the look, but she's young and a total free spirit. i really hope her outfit in the middle was a costume or a joke, because yikes is that gross. but the other ensembles work for her.

i really like how kate bosworth wears the leggings here, and i guess maybe i'd wear that, but it's so not me. sjp's look is cute i guess. borderline maternity but whatev, she looks cute and casual. anyway, leggings are still all the rage, and wear them if you want. just don't yell at me for not liking them. thank you. :)

on a totally unrelated note, my intern meghan was trying on trench coats that we have at fred and she looked adorable. check her out in this printed trench:

i love jackets. i have so many, i don't even have time to wear all of them. this print is perfect for spring and so different. it totally makes the outfit. i love the basic trench too, like this one we have at fred now:
it's such a classic. you really can't go wrong with a basic khaki trench. the modern details like the dark leather buttons and shorter bubble sleeves offer that clean, classic look but with a twist. and that's cool.

i have a trench from a couple years ago from fred. vintage fred i call it. i get compliments on it all the time. it's got a big blob of paint on it from when i stupidly grazed up against a recently painted dresser , but i still wear it. i feel like i'll be wearing my coats/jackets for months to come. still in the 40s. i have people ask me all the time, can i go bare legged to a wedding this weekend? can i wear open toe shoes yet? can i wear a strapless dress now? my answer is yes, um, yes...wear whatever you want. it's not gonna get warm for awhile. we get like 2 minutes of summer here, so yes, dump the depressing winter clothes for now, and wear whatever you want. who cares about rules/seasons anymore? i know i don't. wear what makes you happy. my new motto.

and this tunic/dress we just got in at fred makes me happy. it reminded me a bit of nicky hilton's outfit i liked, so i knocked it off. it's not exact, but close enough.

Knock It Off

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2bella4u said...

Hey Fredgal! I just wanted to let you know that I feel the.exact.same.way about leggin's (lol)!! I do not own any, have not worn them since I was 9 when stirrups were all the rage. I went as far to buy a pair at express to see if i could get around to wearing them and possibly liking them, but they sat in my closet for about 4months before I returned them. I just can't do it. It's one of those fads that I admire from afar.