Tuesday, April 7, 2009

oh what to blahg about today...

i've pretty much given up on the thought of warm weather. spring here is nonexistent, and i'm always cold. people were walking around in short sleeve shirts/tank tops with no jackets the other night and my car's temperature gauge read 34 degrees. insanity. well, whatever, at least fred is always hot inside. most people would say it's sweltering in there, but for me, it's perfect. anything that gives me a remote inkling that it can be warm, or warm weather is coming, makes me happy. but for now, i'm in an early spring slump and all i feel like doing is throwing on my favorite jeans, fleece pullovers and hats. so, i decided i would continue to throw on hats pretty much everyday until it gets warm out. covered up, head to toe, that's me til it cracks 60 outside. done.

i've always been a fan of the hat. at times i've stuck out like a sore thumb in my cowboy hat and braids, or my over-the-top faux fur flapper hat with the big ole pom pom things on it, but i never care. hats are cool. my grandpa wore hats everyday and looked sophisticated and stylish and always made a statement. i like to do the same. i mentioned the fedora i loved, and bought a couple weeks ago, and since then i've bought two more. i'll tell ya, they are conversation starters. i think people are intimidated by hats, and i think that mentality needs to stop. for me, i can get an extra 20 minutes of sleep if i know i'm wearing a hat..dirty hair hidden under hat. awesome. i actually feel more confident in a hat. i think i made my point. i'm rambling per usual. hats=cool. these are some of my current faves:

so, that's that for now. hats are where it's at for me. i can't wait to wear my new hats with all the new merchandise we're getting at fred later this month. i'm soooo excited for the new lines we picked up: alternative apparel and kasil jeans. alternative apparel is this super cool tshirt line and we stocked up on it. shirts, hoodies, a cute skirt, some dresses...all super affordable and the most comfortable material EVER. i have a couple of their burnout tees and i wear them all the time.

kasil jeans are amazing. i actually won a pair about five years ago doing those lucky breaks in lucky magazine. i wore them to death, and they were my faves for a long time. i'm so glad we got this line. check it out: http://www.kasiljean.com/catalog/CategoryTemplate.aspx?CCode=5001;shop%20for%20women

i can't wait for these lines to arrive...look for them at fred towards the end of april. i'll let you know when we're getting them as soon as they ship. so, that's it for now. hopefully i won't be complaining about the weather much longer...hurry up 60 degrees. i'm getting impatient.

until then, stop into fred for your 40 degree temperature outfits, like the one similar to heidi klum's here:

Knock It Off

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