Sunday, May 3, 2009

jimson weed and ram's head

people ask me how i get inspired fashion-wise. this is a tough one for me, since i honestly think i've had the same style forever. i'm earthy. i like boho. always have, always will. it's not hard for me to be inspired. i know what i like, and i wear it. i don't overthink. but i think inspiration comes from everywhere. people you see in the magazines, on tv, in the street...magazines are huge for me...i subscribe to every fashion rag there is, and i read them...cover to cover. i rip out what i like--be it a new perfume that sounds intriguing, a review of a book, a gucci bag i'll never own, a missoni beach towel...and i throw it all in a binder. i keep things that i love to look at, aspire to own, sell my plasma to own...what-have-you...and i keep it all together. i'm not really a spontaneous shopper. my friends will tell you otherwise, but really, i write a list of must haves and just start buying them...that's what i do. i'm inspired everyday. i see a look on someone and have to have it. i then begin my frantic search for the perfect piece. i love it and i live for it. it's who i am. i have always been a huge fan of art. and georgia o'keefe has always been my favorite artist. her work inspires me. i buy clothes that feel like her works. jimson weed, ram's head and sunny day are my favorites. i look at these pictures and i want to buy anything that reminds me of it: my post this week is on clothes that make me think of these works of art. and i know i've mentioned it before, but i am honestly DYING to own a pair of perforated cowboy-esque boots to wear in spring and summer. it's torturous how bad i want these frye boots. i quit smoking to obtain a pair of frye boots once as a bribe. it worked. temporarily. but i'm telling you, once you wear a pair of fryes, everything else pales in comparison. and i want these. oh my god, do i want these:
my birthday is in 14 days. how can i obtain these? ugh, they're such a necessity. (haha, drama queen). anyway, i looked for less expensive options, and yeah, i like them, but the frye's need to be mine:

i love the distress on this last pair, but they're even more expensive. like over a grand expensive. yeah, not gonna happen. but that's the look. i want modern southwestern chic boots. to wear now. with the cutest white dress ever. this is called the cowboy dress by kettle black (who make the best plaid/flannel shirts):

how cute is that dress, the frye boots, a leather bracelet and a chunky turquoise ring? dying. i need it. so, that's how i do it. see something that i love aestetically, find things that remind of me of said thing, purchase. easy. i'm not sure if the southwestern chic look is in per se right now, but i don't care. i'm wearing it. and it makes me happy. that's all i care about. there was a spread in some magazine lately...outlaw chic or something it was called. i loved everything. the jewelry, the models clothes, her hair...everything...let me see if i can find it:
yep, there it is. this made me want denim boyfriend shorts (got 'em), and this made me want to stack a zillion bracelets and layer my necklaces.

could i pull off that last look? no way. but i like it. add a couple southwestern chic touches to your wardrobe if that's what floats your boat. i love the georgia o'keefe paintings and it influences my fashion sense. find a picture you like, and follow that inspiration. just always wear what makes you feel good. and makes you happy. who cares if it's not "in style" at the feel good and that's what counts.

Knock It Off

totally not southwestern chic, but chic nonetheless. come into fred and check out our great new accessories and clothes arriving this week.

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