Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sack it to me

sack dresses...otherwise known as a-line, potato sacks, garbage bag dresses...what have you...whatever you call them, they can be tricky. so many people come into fred and say, "are these ever going to go out of style?" or "who actually looks good in them?" i say, anyone can wear the look, regardless of size. i don't mind the bagginess of the dress. a handful of my friends will put one on and say they look knocked up and in maternity wear. here's an example of what i'm talking about:
to some, the style may not be the most figure flattering, but i think they look good. and not only nicole ritchie-size girls can wear them. but nicole does look adorable here:
there is a simple solution to the sack dress. add a belt. it's easy:
did you see how simple that was? here it is again:
that's really all it takes. the belt creates a waist instantly. it changes the look of the dress. it really doesn't matter what kind of belt...thick, thin...anything goes. here posh adds a waist cincher:

i don't know exactly what that is? a braided piece of leather/plastic? can't really tell, but whatever it is, she tied something around her waist, and created a more flattering figure. she might look mad or scared or whatever that expression is, but i tell you, it's really a quick and easy way to change the look of a dress. or a coat. throw on a belt. done, out the door.

i love the look of the sack dress with gladiator sandals. i feel like i see it on mischa barton a lot. even though she gets some slack for being a fashion disaster, i like her look sometimes. reese witherspoon sports this look too and looks fabulous. see my knock it off below for a pic of reese rocking this look.

anyway, to all the women who say they feel pregnant in these dresses, then the look isn't for you. but try it with a belt first. i like to put on a long cardigan or alternative apparel wrap over the dress, then belt it all. i think it's a flattering look.

i'm super excited for wisconsin fashion week. both fred and luscious will showcase their looks in madison on may 23rd. check out their website: http://http//www.wisconsinfashionweek.com/

also, i had to do a quick plug on fred for the event on the madison cw. listen to my fargo-esque accent and enjoy (but do admire my cute outfit. i have no money, but i need that ryu skirt! we have them in khaki at fred now!): http://http//www.madisonscw.com/SubPage.aspx?page=2661

steal reese's look, with an a-line dress by ryu, available at fred now!

Knock It Off

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