Monday, August 10, 2009

back in the saddle again

okay, so my fashion funk is finally over! i'm now obsessed with a zillion fall trends. yay. i was nervous for a bit. but the second i opened the latest nordstrom catalog, i fell in love with fashion all over again. top it off with the september issue of lucky, and now my fall must have binder is filling up fast! at first i was kinda upset that the fall fashion linuep was similar to last fall/winter in style, but now i see the bright side of that. i don't have to replace my wardrobe from last year...i can just add key pieces to wake up my looks. it's kinda good for the budget too i guess. i can now splurge on some pricey pieces to make my fall wardrobe amazing. i am so glad that i'm inspired again...i can't even wait to get my hands on the new essie and opi nail colors for fall. angora cardi by essie looks ridiculously cool. deep purples and browns are going to replace my nude hues that have coated my nails the last four months and i'm thrilled. i realized i was getting boring. i was settling for blah summer style. but now i have my inspiration board filled and i can't wait to get my hands on all of these things. it started the second that i saw this boot in the nordstrom catalog:

omg, seriously? is that the freaking coolest boot ever? and everyone knows i'm not a heel-wearer, but that's only a 3.5 inch heel and i don't care anything about mangling my feet. if i'm wearing those, i don't care if my foot falls off. the foldover boot is probably the most awesome boot i've ever seen. i'm dying. so, to end my fashion rut, i ordered those puppies via nordstrom at like 3am on a thursday morning. and that sparked my entire fall wardrobe hunt. check out these other foldover styles. so cool:so, fall triggers my obsession with new skinny jeans. ones i can tuck into those boots. i'll keep wearing my skinnies, the darker the better, but i am going to dig deep into my pocket and get these by current elliott, my favorite denim designers. it combines both of the denim trends i'm all about this season, tie dye and moto. i wanted moto style jeans all last year, but didn't purchase, so you know this is my next major buy this year:

i love the distress, the hippie tie dye, the edgy moto...i've been literally having dreams about my new denim lineup this year. after wearing all my bohemian dresses this summer, i can't wait to do a 180 and wear these rocker/edgy looks.

so, i have my boots, with cool new denim tucked in. i'll probably wear some chunky knits, some drapey tees or tanks, layered, some deep floral print bohemian blouses to keep with my style. but the piece i'm most excited for is a fur vest:
totally channeling my inner rachel zoe, but i'm doing it. fake fur only for me. real fur creeps me out for some reason. ick. i'll wear this fur vest over a subtle floral print blouse or a plain black airy blouse and my boots. done and done.
i'm still mad for plaid and i love how i've seen it styled in magazines. worn open with some super soft layering tanks under it, over a skirt or dress...and when it gets cooler, my last season boyfriend blazer topping off the look. amazing. i've always loved plaid button downs. i probably owned at least fifty in my life. i'm so glad the grungey rockery look is still going strong. i don't know what i was thinking when i said i was bored with fall fashion. good god i must have been fighting off a cold or something. now i can't get enough. all i want to do is read and re-read my lucky mag...and i literally bolt to the mailbox the second my mailman pulls up, dying in anticipation for the next september issue to arrive. unfortunately, it seems my issues are delayed. i see them on the newsstands and get enraged with craze as they are available to john q. public, but as a subscriber they're not at my door yet. ugh. maddening. anyway, i can't wait to wear all my plaid tops.

as an accessories buyer, i love seeing the latest trends in jewelry. i'd rather have a million fashion trendy accessories than real diamonds or expensive tiffany-esque pieces. i love experimenting with accessories and this season, i'm digging all the rockery studs, skulls, spikes, zippers, etc...i still love gold...silver makes my skin look pale, so i'm gonna get my hands on all the trends at fred. annie and i will go crazy buying the latest and greatest fall accessories and everyone can get their mitts on them for cheap at fred. things like this:
i could go on and on and i will, i promise, next week. sorry for my lapse in posts. i felt blah and boring and didn't want that to affect anyone who reads my blog. but i'm happy to report i'm back in the saddle again and i can't wait to spew out more of my fashion must haves for fall very soon.

i'll leave you with this knock it off. kinda edgy still as the summer comes to an end, you can start getting that fall feel with the exposed zipper look in this warm weather ensemble. get your fall lookbooks in order so you can be organized like me when shopping. don't go mental and buy a bunch of cheap junk. fill the gaps in your wardrobe from last fall/winter with some updated pieces that will rock your look.

Knock It Off

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