Monday, August 24, 2009

there's no stopping me now

the cooler temps this past weekend have me dreaming about all clothes fall. i keep staring at my new ash "olivia" foldover boots, mentally planning outfits around them. it's so ridiculous how crazed i've been as of late. our new fall merchandise is coming in this week at fred and it's to the point i want to go in on my days off to see the new stuff. sometimes i feel like the luckiest girl in the world that i am in the career i'm in. first looks at all the new styles, get to write this blog and just spew out my fashion thoughts..and i'm watching the new season of project runway while i do it. ah, this is the life.

so today i got a bunch of emails from some of my favorite websites, offering huge sales, like take 30% off of merchandise already 70% off. at first my dummy self thought, well, uh, wouldn't it be free...duh. no airhead it's not, but it's certainly worth checking out. i thought it would be all summer merchandise, but to my surprise and delight it's not! i know i said i was bummed that the styles this season were too much like past seasons, but now i'm overjoyed. i have a base fall wardrobe and can just add on some amazing pieces. check out these finds at
this torn by robby kobo fringe vest was originally $308. after the extra sale it comes to $64.68! i can add this to my rocker chic ensembles for cheap. you can style it like this chick is wearing it for the last couple weeks of summer, then put it on over a long sleeve blouse and darker skinny jeans and boots for fall.
both of these shoes are perfect for now and early fall. the first pair, tashkent by cheyenne were originally $564, and are now $118.44. the nude colored platform sandals by velvet angels were originally $295 and can be yours for a mere $61.95, and are available in black too. both can be worn now with cute dresses or worn over textured tights with all your fall ensembles.
wear the gray sandals with these hot skinny "sydney" jeans by ever with a plaid button down for fall. i love that gray and black jeans are cool right now. i bought a pair of skinny gray paige premium denim jeans a couple winters ago and have seriously gotten a ton of wear out of them. i love them and i love that gray and muted black and even jet black jeans are in style. the rocker look is kinda 80s which we all know i'm not a fan of, but the modern twists, like pairing it with plaid, or balancing it with deep floral feminine tops makes the look so fresh. oh, so these jeans were originally $242, but can be in your closet for only $50.82. i'm telling you times are still kinda tough, and saving money is always a plus.
this cropped boho-esque sweater was originally $260, and an editor's pick, and is now $54.60. look at how cute it looks with the denim shorts now, wear it with a long tank under it and skinny jeans and comfy uggs or my new favorite brand thanks to my cousin lorri, australian love collective boots (kinda like uggs, but cooler). i know this sweater isn't everyone's cup of tea, but i like the shape of it. the cropped top/sweaters that i'm seeing at fred frightened me at first, but once layered over something look awesome. trust me!
this romantic white blouse on the's sale page would make a nice addition to my fall wardrobe. ruffles still going strong, the feminine shape would work well with my dark destroyed skinny jeans and new suede boots. this la rok ruffle tunic was $269 originally, but now on sale for $69. so, i'm offering up some advice here. and this is to myself too. you can get great pieces for fall without paying the just arrived pricetag. i live check to check and i'm pretty much broke til payday on friday. after surfing all my fave websites this morning and going through all the sale pages, i did find a gem of a steal. and honestly, i don't care if i have to eat glue all week to stay alive because these jeans i found are worth it.

so, on the website, i found these current elliott "motorcycle bell" jeans in color: night. everyone knows my obsession with all things current elliott. i have worn my elephant bell in super love destroyed to the ground. i wear them like three times a week. they are the most comfortable, worn in, favorite jeans of mine. so imagine the thrill of finding these, in my size, same fit as my current faves, but with the moto detail on the knee, in this dark wash. um, yeah. i think i came close to crying with excitement. so, i called my two credit cards to try to increase my limits, yeah, no go on that, probably a good thing, but decided to do some researching online. my ex-coworker jenelle told me about about a year ago, and told me i could always find a coupon for most websites for extra money off. ok, so get this. the jeans were originally $275 (pretty steep, even for me, but worth it)....they were marked down to $138. oh so doable, but gave the ole retailmenot a looksee and found a coupon for an additional 20% off, which totaled me out at $ shipping. are you kidding me? so, yes, this week is starting off glorious for me. ordered the jeans at 9:35am, just got shipping notification at 10:48 and the jeans should be in my possession by wednesday. it's amazing how happy this can make me. so, point of my whole post today is...yes, we're all excited about fall clothes. and we are sick of summer clothes. i said i wasn't going to buy anything summer, no matter how cheap it is. but as i've learned today, you can get fall items, in the sale pages of a lot of websites. or maybe they're even from last fall/winter, but that's okay since all those looks are still thriving this year. we're all crunched for dough, well not all of us, but some, so why not save a buck or two? or in my case $165 on my new favorite jeans. do i sound like a commercial? save a buck or two. what's wrong with me? ugh. i'm a dork.

anyway, this is a great shopping week. i can feel it. we're getting in tons of stuff at fred this week. and we're having a sale on thursday for our ladies night from 5-10. get your new fall wardrobe started, or updated or whatever you need to do. do it on thursday night when you can save some cash. it's a really good feeling. shopping sans buyers remorse is pure bliss. i know i said i'd have a knock it off this week, but i take it back. i'm waiting for our new stuff to lure you in. i'll do a couple of them next week. but don't forget ladies night on thursday. also, mention that you read my blog and get 20% off anything in store now until the end of august. talk to you soon!

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