Monday, November 2, 2009

ode to emily

keeping with my aspen chic or sporty chic themed posts, i'm going granny chic this week. and my new roommate emily is the inspiration behind this posting. emily is obsessed with granny chic anything. she loves shopping in secondhand or consignment stores and wears the vintage-inspired look with ease. i'm not a vintage-y girl, even though i love the look of it, it's just not me. of course i had my phase of only wearing vintage...i think every girl into fashion does. but i've discovered that i just can't wear it. not cuz it doesn't look good...but because my skin breaks out and i sneeze and i feel like my throat is closing. even after a couple washes, i still feel this way. is it psychosomatic? perhaps. but what i do know is i have the same reaction around cats as i do post secondhand clothes wearing, so i've concluded i'm allergic to it.

there's a certain kind of woman that can pull off granny chic.
this chick can. you don't have to wear actual old vintage clothes for this look. nowadays, i feel like this look is everywhere. embellished cardigans are at every store and boutique i frequent.
whether it's gemstone embelishment or tiny rosette embelishments like on that last picture, cardigans with extra details add that granny flaire. some might be thrown off just by the term granny anything..i mean, who wants to look like their grandma at their age? but when styled in a modern way, with funky vintage-y jewelry or with distressed boyfriend jeans, this look is very now.
her tweed skirt and fur edged wool coat work. add those blush/nude shoes and you look like anything but an old lady.

coats are a pivotal part of this look. all wool knee length, a line coats work. we have great floral brooches at fred that would complete the look. add trendy shoes like hers and a knit beret to solidify this look.

one aspect of granny chic i do love is the jewelry. kenneth jay lane creates some of the most modern vintage jewelry i've seen.

other pieces i love:

i like the cameo pendant on the super long chain. all these pieces can be worn with embellished cardigans or worn with a simple white tshirt and look great.

i think this style is perfect for late fall early winter. it oozes coziness and comfort. if it's not your every day style, i think it could be easily incorporated into your wardrobe by adding just an element or two of the style.

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