Wednesday, November 18, 2009

disco biscuit

i was watching a movie the other day and they made a reference to a disco biscuit that they were going to take pre-studio 54. i find the term kinda funny, even though i'm not a big club goer or pill popper. regardless, i have always been intrigued by the 70s. studio 54, andy warhol, the glam, the socializing...all that appeals to me. i probably wouldn't have fit in too well, but i would have tried. i love looking at pics from that place and checking out what people wore. halston was a big one. i love halston fashion. the long flowy dresses are amazing. i love seeing all the stylish people, smoking, drinking...just letting go. and dressed to the freaking nines. i wish i had an unlimited budget. i wish there was a studio 54-ish club here that i could go to. i think it would be ridiculously cool to get all dressed up in sequins for a night and totally let loose. in fact, i think i'm throwing a studio 54 themed party soon.
70s glam. so over the top, but so awesome. born to be alive. i love it. sequins, fur, super high gold shoes....more people should embrace this look. maybe they do and i'm just hanging out at too many hole in the wall places.
high waisted jeans, fur vest..i love those nude colored false eyelashes. and all the thick gold jewelry is awesome. very rachel zoe. i was perusing one of my fave websites, shopbop, and checked out their sequined items that i could wear. these are my picks:

um, seriously, those sequin leggings are insane. i doubt i could pull that one off, but i'd really like to try.

i would totally wear that sequin jacket. i love it with her current elliott skinny studded jeans too. i'm still a huge fan of that denim line. i've decided that this holiday season, i'll attempt to channel my inner studio 54 fashionista and wear some sequins, or fur, or false eyelashes and glittery makeup. stop into fred for your sequins party dresses, fur vests and thick gold jewelry soon!

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