Tuesday, December 1, 2009

dear santa

please bring me these ash "tentation over the knee" boots, size 37, from shopbop.com this christmas:

i just saw the macy's commercial where this small well dressed child takes a cab (alone, which is slightly alarming to me) to macy's to drop off her wish list to santa via some grand mailbox type thing. so, i want to let santa know i want these boots and i deserve them after this year. hahahaha. more dramatics. i love the holidays and the decorating and the shopping for gifts. i love everything associated with it. even the cold--now that i have the best winter coat EVER courtesy of my friend jenna at flaire. all i need and want are these boots (and a distressed black leather crossbody bag) and i'm done. my cousin lorri and i always get each other for our secret santa gift exchange at our family function and we plan a trip to woodfield mall, specifically nordstrom, and buy ourselves whatever we want and count it as our gifts to one another. it's become a tradition, and one i look forward to every year.

christmas gift shopping should be fun. but it's pure torture for some people. i see plenty of shoppers in fred struggling to pick out just the right thing for their sister or friend and i feel bad. i like to think of myself as an expert gift giver. it's probably because i'm a professional shopper--or a too-often shopper--and i've done my research. it's second nature to me. clothes are a pretty personal thing, at least to me, so when i shop for gifts, i prefer to buy accessories for people. lucky for me fred has a huge accessories department. tons of scarves, hats, gloves, jewelry... i've been loving bib necklaces for a while now.

you can wear them with anything from blouses, to dressy dresses, to plain tanks and tees. we have this really cool one with metallic beads sewn on leather, kinda like this one:
i think they are great gifts. we have infinity scarves, which i really love and fingerless gloves that make excellent gifts as well. gift giving should not be a chore, which i think some people think of it as. shop at fred and let one of us help you pick out that perfect gift. or take the easy way out and get a gift card, and let her pick out exactly what she wants. Mention that you read this blog post now thru sunday, december 6th and get 20% off your purchase.

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Henry said...

I’m happy to see your fashion instincts have taken over Danielle albeit they have for awhile. I knew when I'd "run" into you again; you’d be doing at least one of the thing you love. I enjoyed reading all your posts for the month. Even though I know nothing about what you say; it's pleasing to feel your cute personality with every word you write. You're just as beautiful now as the days in your 20’s working at Nine West, except even more fabulous. By the way, Ralphies brother's name is Randy, not Joey, but whatever you think it should be, it should be. Merry Christmas,