Thursday, November 20, 2008

the economy vs. my shopping problem

times are tough money wise, yet i haven't curtailed my shopping one bit. i'm sure i have some sort of shopping problem. some people eat when they're depressed. i shop. when i'm in a bad mood, i'll come home and surf the net. just putting something in my shopping basket online makes me a little calmer. i might not buy it, but pretending to buy it eases my stress. even going to walgreens and buying a new lipstick and lipgloss instantly makes me feel a little better. (maybelline lipstick in "chestnut" and revlon gloss in "nude lustre" are the perfect nude lip combo for me i just found out when i made that sporadic purchase the other day). i've been obsessed with finding a camel colored cardigan for years. for some reason, even i'm having a hard time tracking one down that i love.

we had a shopping party at fred last week and one of the guests had on the cutest long cardigan, camel color...i was smitten. i probably freaked her out by staring at it for so long because after my line of questioning about where i could find that gem of a cardigan, she encouraged me to just try it on. so there i was, hard at work, hosting the shopping party by trying on a customer's sweater...i couldn't stop thinking about it, so i tracked it down the next day. it was WAY out of my price range, so i paid for it by rationing the total on three different credit cards (hello, shopping problem) and it arrived on my doorstep last night. i feverishly opened the box and pulled out my new camel colored cardigan. i was so excited. i was going to wear it with my skinny jeans, patent leather riding boots and my black newsboy hat. i had the outfit perfectly planned out in my head. i put on the sweater that was equivalent to my monthly car payment and looked in the mirror. i looked silly. the sweater was nothing like i remembered it on the customer. or myself. it was too big. too long for someone my height. and probably too expensive. although i somehow could justify the price. i showed my boyfriend and he said, "is it supposed to be oversized?" ugh. he probably saw my eyes well up with tears, because he said it looked cute. all i could think about for the last week was this sweater. now i had it, and i hated it. point of my story is my night was ruined--because of the sweater. i was suddenly crabby, irritated, whiny. my mood was trashed. even after a couple glasses of wine, i still felt like a spoiled child. "why couldn't that sweater look good on me?" i said out loud, two hours after i tried it on while i was eating dinner with my bf. he told me to get over it and enjoy the turkey chili. i couldn't. i had to get on the internet and find a replacement camel colored cardigan. so, i did. and i ordered it, and i'm happy again. it's a sickness. i know.

the good thing is, i work in a store where things aren't horribly priced. i never feel even an ounce of guilt when i make a purchase at fred. i get tons of compliments on everything i wear from there and it doesn't really put a dent in my wallet. fred's clothes look just like the clothes that celebs are wearing, but seriously, so much less. check this out:

these pattern printed dresses are hot right now. you can get that look, as seen on our adorable marketing intern, kristina, for next to nothing at fred and i know you hear this all the time in fashion mags, but the best way to find your personal style is to mix less expensive things with designer items, or investment items, as i call them. fred and are perfect for finding those trendy, celebrity-inspired items for less and mixing them with your pricier brand name items. so that is my next style rule.

style rule #3--mix trendier less expensive items with investment pieces to create an outfit that defines your personal style. head to toe designer is boring. and when the economy is in the dumper, it's always smart to save some money here and there when you can. even i know that, and can appreciate saving some dough.

To check out the item Kristina is wearing click

i'll leave you with another installment of my knock it off section. another example of how to get the celebrity look for less. get anne hathaway's style at fred and for a fraction of the cost!

Knock It Off

Click the link below to check out the jacket featured in Knock It Off.

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