Monday, November 3, 2008

home again

after a three-month hiatus, i am back at fred. i missed helping all my loyal customers with their fashion dilemmas, but i'm back...home again, and can't wait to pursue my career as style director for fred. i'm hoping this blog will be another tool for people to use when style help is needed. Please ask me any fashion/style related questions and i'll be happy to answer them. enjoy my knock it off section each week, where i steal the style of a celebrity and copy the look with fashions we currently have at fred and I'll also share my thoughts on trends, must haves and anything else i feel like talking about for the week!

i'm a confessed shopaholic and fall/winter is my favorite time of the year to shop. i can't seem to get enough chunky knit sweaters, new denim and boots. i love cardigans because you can layer them over dresses, wear them with leggings or skinny jeans and boots, or my signature way, longer cardigan, wide leg jeans and pointy toe boots. I can't even count how many striped cardigans i own (ok, that's a lie, but it sounded dramatic) but i can't seem to resist a striped sweater. I love this new cardigan we just got in, available at fred and at It's very kate moss or sienna miller-esque, warm (which is a requirement for me) and versatile. i'll wear it all winter. it ties around the waist too, which is a flattering fit as it defines the waist.

my look is pretty defined. most would agree my style is very bohemian. i like to throw in a little rocker chic when i see fit. it took me a long time to find my personal style, but it was worth the trip. i was the biggest tomboy growing up. i've always been interested in fashion and clothes, even when i was a huge jock, and i always had my own style. as horrid as it was. i used to wear umbro shorts and oversized tshirts in the summer, ill fitting jeans and those big handknit wool sweaters you could buy at festivals in the fall/winter. ugh. what a mess. my "collegiate/jock" look continued through high school and college and finally (and thankfully) came to an end when i started working at nine west in mayfair mall. i started to dress up more and wear sweater twinsets with skirts or black dress pants. i wore a lot of black dress pants. always fitted at the waist with a wider bottom to balance out my "thunder thighs." (as dubbed by my family--thanks for that one!). Ever since then, the mid 90s, i knew that wider leg pants/jeans were the right fit for me and i've stuck with them ever since.

STYLING RULE #1: Stick with what works for you. I know a fitted waist and wider leg style is most flattering on me, so I continue to wear this look, no matter what the trends are for the season. A flattering fit for your body type will always be in style!

ok, so anyway, i went to mount mary for fashion merchandising and my obsession with fashion really began. i started embracing dresses, and wearing things that i didn't think i could pull off like tall boots (i had athletic calves that sometimes didn't allow me to zip them up properly). i started wearing things i saw in magazines, and sometimes they worked, sometimes i looked like a fool i'm sure. but it got me to where i am today fashionwise. i know what works for me and i know what i feel most comfortable in and i continue to wear that.

STYLING RULE #2: Always buy clothes that are comfortable. I constantly try to wear heels, but my feet hurt so bad by the end of the day, i'm literally crying. It's just not worth it for me anymore. I'm short and know that heels would elongate my figure and probably make me look better. however, when my eyes are welling with tears, and i have a perma-scowl on my face from pain, i know i look ridiculous. so i'll consistently wear my flat riding boots with denim or bohemian-style dresses. If you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, it will show and you will radiate confidence.

so, i just decided to do this styling rule thing in my blog. i could keep going with more rules that i follow, but i'll just add a couple each week to keep you coming back for more!

now i want to show you this dress i'm completely in love with that we have in the store and on

it reminds me so much of the dress that molly sims chose to wear to the independent spirit awards as styled by rachel zoe and seen on the rachel zoe project.

even though rachel said no to the opaque tights, i still think it looks ok. i would have done it too, just because i'm always cold and i have the ugliest tattoo on my ankle, so the tights would conceal it.

i have to say i watched every episode of the rachel zoe project (at least three times each), but i don't think i'd consider myself a zoe-bot. her job is to die for, but i'm happy styling the midwesterners that want my help. having that amazing closet of clothes at my disposal would be bananas though! maybe someday this could be a reality for me, but for now, i'll leave you with my knock it off section and then i'll shut it down for the day! talk to you soon!

Knock it off

i found this picture of rihanna in the instyle makeover issue. this outfit can be replicated at fred and for a fraction of the price! if you have a dream outfit, send it to me, or stop into fred and i'll do my best to knock it off!

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