Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the start of the holiday season (and what that means for shopaholics--particularly me)

i am one of those people that go gaga over the holidays. i get seriously excited when the christmas music starts playing 24/7 on the radio. it didn't even really bother me that it started on november 1st on a couple of our local radio stations. i go to the city's big tree lighting ceremony every year and freeze while i suck down a non-fat vanilla latte with extra foam along with the rest of the hardcore holiday fanatics. i watch all the cheesy holiday movies on lifetime and the hallmark channel for the hundreth time. i take a day off of work to wrap all my christmas presents (which really isn't that many--not enough to warrant a whole day off) in my current year's wrapping theme. (this year, tbd at this point)...and i buy a new flannel pj ensemble to wear during said wrapping session each year (i told you, major shopping problem). you get my point. and this week, thanksgiving week, marks the start of my favorite time of the year. i couldn't be happier.

i think it's because my cardigan that i spoke of in my last post arrived today. and it's the freaking cutest sweater EVER!!!!!! (note my excitement). i am counting the minutes until i wear it on thanksgiving day. it seriously is the best sweater i've ever owned. fit...meticulous. boho vibe...so me. life is good. i'll put a pic of me wearing it on thanksgiving in my next post. it's not camel color like i had wanted, but it's so amazing in the charcoal heather gray that i can temporarily forget about my hunt for the perfect camel color cardigan.

sidetracked...sorry...ok, back to the holidays. it's thanksgiving week. the stores are alive with discounts and sales and holiday decor. black friday is a couple days away--i'm full of thanksgiving cheer. i work black friday at 8am at fred. most people would be disgusted by this. i LOVE it! we're having a huge sale. 40% off everything in the store from 8am til 10am; 30% off from 10-noon and 20% off from noon til 10pm. i get the early morning shift....complete with mimosas and donut holes--and i couldn't be more excited! i love the early morning shoppers out at 5am looking for the best deals. i love the news coverage when you see people charging into the stores for the "hot" item of the season. my mom told me she was physically assaulted one year she went to buy me a cabbage patch kid doll when they were hard to come by...some woman took her out while she was grabbing a doll. UNBELIEVABLE! i find these rough shopping antics amusing. haha. my poor mom. fell to the ground (and wasn't really hurt) just to get me a toy. (she scored one by the way--actually i had like ten of them-spoiled only child).

so, i love battling crowds, partaking in sales, picking out gifts for my friends and family. i love thanksgiving week and knowing christmas is right around the corner. i even went so far as to buy my boyfriend a coordinating thanksgiving outfit today to match my new sweater. i'm over the top, i know. but for me the shopaholic, i feel i can justify the excess spending because it's the holidays! time to give! time to celebrate! time to spend with friends at holiday parties that require new outfits. ah, i love this time of year.

how can you resist a cute dress like the one our intern kristina is wearing here? perfect for holiday parties and festivities, she's just as cute as any one of the celebs who probably paid ten times more for their outfits. pick up this dress at fred or fredboutique.com:

that's kristina in the middle. for some reason i can't make this picture bigger but you get the drift. the dress kristina is wearing is available at fred and fredboutique.com. click here for the dress:


just specify that you want the solid purple version. the melie bianco croc clutch kristina is holding and the belt are available in store only. her purple patent shoes are available both in store and online:


happy thanksgiving everyone! happy eating, happy shopping! i'll leave you with another knock it off.

Knock It Off

get Blake Lively's look for less at fred. shop fredboutique.com now:

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Winegal said...

I think your blog should be called "Confessions of a Shopaholic" - the unabashed, unrepentant and quite amusing ramblings of a clothes maven. I love the Knock It Off section, particularly the Blake Lively (can this be her real name?) look. I would wear it sans the skinny jeans. A wide-leg jean or pants would look super-stylish as well. Chic and versatile. Love it!

shopgirl said...

Thanks for your message! Yeah, my shopaholic ramblings can get wordy! I'm glad you find them amusing. Knock it off is my favorite part of the blog as well, and I'm so glad you like it!