Sunday, February 1, 2009

countdown til spring

so, i stumbled upon this website: and learned that as of right now, there are only 46 days til spring. really, that's it. i think that's doable. the website gives you a to-the-minute calculation of when spring will arrive--along with a rather creepy audio of a bird chirping or singing, or dying. i'm not really sure. anyway, that made me happy. it was 39 degrees out on saturday and i didn't even wear a jacket to work. what's wrong with me? 39 measly degrees felt like a heatwave. weird. our winters have seemed long and fierce, and now i'm happy with a 39 degree day. i hate that it has come to that. well, whatever the case, my spring wardrobe is of course the focal point of my days lately and my next spring trend is embellishment. jeweled necklines or beading/embellishments on the bust/hems of clothings may seem busy. especially to someone like me, who likes to keep things simple, but for some reason, i've always been drawn to embellishments on tops and dresses. not the cheesy fake rhinestones or cheap looking plastic jewels, but ones done tastefully like these:

i think that's the perfect cocktail dress. i love black and gold together, the silhouette of the dress is perfect and the neckline classily done (is classily a word?). simple earrings, or a bracelet would complete this look.

i don't have to get dressed up that often, so i like this embellished tshirt dress for spring. besides being one of my favorite colors, i love the jersey tshirt fabric and the embellishment all over the dress. i'll wear it to dinner in spring/summer with my flat silver gladiator sandals:

if you're not a dress person, you can follow this trend by wearing an embellished top or tank. i'm loving this one:i love the pale green color, the simplicity of the neckline and how grecian it feels. again, wear with jeans and gladiator sandals...or just metallic sandals in general. for a more casual look, check out this tank:

one: i love the ikat print. it's been big lately, and still a print that's going strong. two: the colors are phenomenal. i feel like you can dress this up or down. and three: the jeweled neckline has the boho vibe i dig.

so, there are many ways to embrace the embelishment. kristina was inspired by the yellow dresses with jeweled necklines we saw while perusing some magazines, and wanted to try on some dresses we had at fred:

i think when chosen carefully, an embellished top or dress can be a standout piece and totally worth looking into for spring. i know i'll for sure be scooping up something embellished in the next month or so (when my shopping moratoreum is over).

keep reading my blog for more spring trends in upcoming weeks. i'll finish with another celeb look knocked off with fred apparel. graphic tees are hot right now, and we've got them at fred. come in and check 'em out:

Knock It Off

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