Monday, February 16, 2009

confessions of three shopaholics

sofie kinsella's shopaholics books were my favorite. i think i read them all in hardcover the day they came out. and i hate hardcover books because my wrists get sore reading them. (weird). i took off of work, last friday, the 13th, over a month ago...when they announced that the movie "confessions of a shopaholic" was going to be released in theaters. so why have i not seen the movie yet? let me tell you...i missed the movie because i was shopping. my shopaholic cohorts, alicia and lorri, accompanied me on what turned out to be a 9-hour day of shopping. we were so tired after, we couldn't even make it to the movie. i was asleep by 8pm the night of the marathon shopping excursion. i missed the shopaholic movie because i was shopping. um, what's wrong with me?

my no-shopping in the month of february promise is out the window. oops. what started as an innocent trek to find lorri a birthday outfit turned into one of the most productive, enjoyable, amazing shopping outings in history. well, i'm exaggerating, but it sure felt that way to us. we woke up early to hit a local sample sale. lorri won for being the most thrifty, scoring 4 tops for $12. alicia dropped the most cash there on dresses, a top, a necklace and i walked out with the cutest ruffly cami i've ever seen. of course my item was full price...probably the only thing at the sample sale full price....but i love it. it was worth only getting four hours of sleep for the sale. well, stores weren't open yet after the sale, so we went to lorri's to hop on her computer and do some online shopping.,, eh, nothing special...back to the streets. brady street to be exact.

three hours later, we emerged from detour...all of us on a shopping high. i don't know how we spent so much time in the store, but we did. i think we tried on everything in the women's section of the store...but we all found a ton of stuff. and everything at 25% off. who can't appreciate that? i spent the most, shocker, and left with a new pair of jeans that i'm obsessed with, a sheer button down splendid top, a gray alexander wang tshirt, some hammered gold bangles and a new ring. alicia got a tshirt dress and vest that she immediately wore that night, and lorri dropped a wad of cash on about ten items....which we all justified by reminding her it was her birthday. next stop, miss groove where we found more things. i found my spring handbag, which has always been a daunting task for me. i never find bags i'm obsessed with. but i found this david and scotti one, in a more matte, taupey beige color and a slightly different shape and I'M IN LOVE:

tired, hungry (we kept pushing off lunch due to the excellent shopping) and cold, we kept on going. miss groove intimates...and lastly stephanie horne. by this time it was close to dinner, we were dizzy with a combo of shopping high and hunger...but extremely giddy about our new purchases. we decided we had to see the movie another day...but i'm pretty sure we played out the movie ourselves last friday:

so, now it's back to reality. all my blogging about spring fashion had me in "i need everything" mode. and now i'm off to an excellent start. oh well, i broke my no shopping this month rule. big deal. i had a great day with great friends. and we can justify it so many ways, it's lorri's birthday, everything was on sale, we wanted to stimulate the economy, blah blah blah...i will chalk it up as one of the greatest shopping days i've ever had.

you can knock off rosario dawson's look for less at fred. i think any muted, earth tone dress, whether it be nude, beige, dusty rose/pink, gray would work with big turquoise earrings and stacked bracelets.

Knock It Off

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