Monday, February 9, 2009

i can't get enough ruffles lately

ruffled everything is everywhere. and surprisingly, i'm all over this girly trend. who would have thought? i can't look at any fashion mag, website, anything without seeing the ruffle trend featured. for me, i can do the ruffled tops, in silk or satin chiffon with my beat up denim. i have lusted over this yaya aflalo top ever since i saw it on lauren conrad:
but it was $259 everywhere, and really, who can justify that right now? so, i saved it in my favorites and occassionally looked at it and imagined it with my jeans and metallic flat sandals. how cute would i be sitting outside drinking a glass of pinot grigio? well, bring on the warm weather, because i scored that top in "ivy" green on last week! i love that website. check it out:

every morning, like clockwork, i'm logged on to at 9:58. refresh at 9:59, refresh at 10:00. it's exhilarating--and it's become a ritual for me. and when i can't be on my computer at 10am to check the sale, i'm suddenly filled with anger, resentment, anxiety--well, it's not that bad...but it's close. and if that isn't ocd enough, i have to jump back on at 11am when gilt groupe's sale commences. ugh. it's a sickness. but hey, it's something to look forward to every day and something that makes me happy.

back to ruffles...i became obsessed with a ruffled bag that sarah jessica parker has on, cross body when she is getting into a cab. i've searched high and low for this bag, in a beige or gray color, but can't find it anywhere. frustrating. oh, i'll find it eventually, but until then, i'll drool over this valentino bag, which is completely anti-danielle pink and so feminine, but i do love looking at it. i wouldn't own it (clearly, it's valentino!) but it's something that would look amazing on display in my closet:

i'm even loving ruffles on shoes:
and leather jackets:
there are so many options when it comes to ruffles. you can go all out and wear a totally tiered ruffled cocktail dress, or go the subtle route with a one shouldered (huge spring trend) ruffled top in a cheery spring color, like these:
any way you slice it, ruffles are everywhere. kristina models a couple ruffled looks from fred here:

whether you embrace the trend full-on, or just dabble in the trend with a ruffled clutch, you'll be in style this season. talk to you next week, with more spring trends and style inspiration!

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