Sunday, March 29, 2009

boy(friend) crazy

i think i'm developing a split personality. lately i have been obsessed with all things feminine--if it's described as silky, airy, flowy and made of silk or chiffon, i've been all over it. i'm sure you got that from my last couple posts. so, how is it possible that i've gone completely mental over all things boyfriend? boyfriend blazer, check. boyfriend jeans, check. boyfriend shorts (and i hate shorts), check. oversized button down, check. straw fedora, check, check, check, check. completely opposite on the style scale. but yep, i have made it my latest fashion mission to obtain all key pieces to achieve this look. i love how laid back and easy the style is. check out some pics:
i opted to purchase the basic black oversized blazer with the striped silk rolled up sleeves and i love it. i love it with my paige premium denim boyfriend jeans and monrow harlow vneck tshirt. i wear it with my gray jeffrey campbell flats. i tried to wear my fedora, but that's bf overkill i think. the hat is super cute and looks similar to this one:
i think i have to keep it simple like that pic.. just a plain tank, the hat and possibly my new bf shorts:

the shorts i got were the william rast birdie bf short. i love the current elliott ones above here, but the rast ones fit better. anyway, i can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear these shorts! (sidenote: are you kidding me with the snow this weekend? come on now. yuck. and all i can do is stare at my spring wardrobe just begging to be worn. but my stupid sporto fur lined fleet farm boots are laughing at me as i put them on yet again for another trek through wisconsin weather hell this morning.)

okay, back to boyfriend ensembles. as much as i miss the cute girl-next-door-joey days-katie holmes at the ole dawson's creek, i have to say i like katie's fashion sense as of late. she was one of the first celebs consistantly wearing this look.

and the look works for her. with flat sandals, heels, whatever, she looks cute. but i must say suri cruise gets my vote for cutest cruise family member. even if she prefers burberry dresses to her mom's bf style, i think she is hilarious. and adorable:
sorry, i had to put that pic in. it just cracks me up. but really, i love the bf look and i hope it stays in style for a long time. some of my fave celeb bf looks:

again, katie looks cute, reese is perfect and i love the second rachel bilson shot. what's the deal with that dog? it looks like she's carrying it with such ease, but it's not a tiny dog..i just don't get it, anyway, the boyfriend look, styled differently for your viewing pleasure.

and i'll keep it kinda on the same casual note for the knock it off this week. come into fred and score some super discounted denim, like the pair below, half off in store right now.

Knock It Off

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