Thursday, June 4, 2009

fred and luscious hit up wisc fashion week

so, annie, kotti, katie and i went to wisconsin fashion week for fred and luscious over memorial day weekend. there used to be a milwaukee fashion week and a madison fashion week, but this year they were combined into madison. so, up we were at 5am, ugh, groggily loaded up the truck and car by 8ish, on the road by 9. the show took place at the overture center just off state street, so that was cool. it turned out to be a hot day, but we quickly cooled off with bloody mary's pre-show. the venue was amazing, and we were happy to be part of the event. maybe memorial day weekend wasn't the greatest weekend for a major fashion production, but it was well done, nonetheless. emmy fink, anchor on the madison cw, was the emcee--check out how adorable she is in her fred dress:
while it was a LONG day, it was worth it. our models looked great. see for yourself:

all fashions are available in stores now. with the weather hopefully starting to warm up, you'll need to stock up on all your summer fred and luscious dresses for festival season. with jazz in the park and riversplash kicking off this week, it's time to break out your warm weather wardrobe and hit the town. if you're like me, you have a closet full of summer clothes, just begging to be's almost torture that we haven't been able to wear these clothes yet in june, cuz it's just too chilly. hopefully the temps will flip, and we can dive into our closets and get this show on the road soon. i refuse to wear long sleeves anymore this month. it's sickening.

well, another semester came and went and megs, my intern, is about to leave. again, i'm sad and will miss her dearly. good news though, my talented megs, will have her designs available either in-store at fred, or on our website soon. and if any of you out there that read this are inspiring designers, be it clothes, handbags or jewelry...or know of someone who is, check out's home page for info on showcasing your merchandise on our website.

so, for now, megs says goodbye a la miley cyrus in this week's knock it off. see you soon!

Knock It Off

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