Monday, June 15, 2009

new jersey

ahhhh, the first warm weekend came and went and i'm stoked for what's to come. finally! my neglected summer wardrobe is about to get a workout. summer's all about being comfortable and i live in jersey all summer long. tees, tanks, little jersey dresses...that's what i'm talking about. as much as i love my little silk cami's, i'm just a bit more comfortable in jersey. there are so many options out there, i almost don't know where to begin. when we went to fashion week, i scored this little number at bop in madison, and i wore it today:
i took off the halter strap and wore it strapless, but it looks cute either way. dresses like these are my summer staples. no brainers i call them. throw on, look cute, add sandals, out the door. easy, cute, simple, done. i have loads of dresses like this, and i love each and every one of them. short, knee-length, maxi...check, check and check. fred carries a line called rubicon and they make easy breezy dresses and tops to carry you through summer. i bought a jersey maxi, a light heather gray, kinda like this one:
and i can't wait to wear it with some comfy haviana flip flops. i'm also digging these dresses:
you get the point. for a more casual look, i love a soft tee or tank. i've said it before, alternative apparel is awesome. the cottons are super comfy, the cuts are modern and flattering. check out katie, my new intern, wearing the styles we have at cute. you can be totally casual in the unisex organic tees, dress them up with statement necklaces or wear the skirt/tank combo, so it looks high-waisted. any way you style it, it's cute. come snag your alternative apparel before it's gone.

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