Monday, June 22, 2009

ikat get enough of this print

i've been smitten by ikat print for years. you've heard me rave on about tribal/boho everything, so i'll slow my roll on that, but ikat is where it's at. a girl came into fred the other day wearing an awesome ikat print tank and my coworker and i just about freaked out when she said she got it at target for $8. i'm so going there and scoring one tomorrow. i know i'm on a no-shopping bender again, but really, $8...might as well be free. my most recent ikat obsession came when i saw rachel bilson wear this outfit: yeah, cutest skirt ever. so now i'll fantasize about ikat everything. dresses:
my favorite, the ikat maxi--perfect for any occassion, not just hanging out at the beach. i love lauren conrad's style and this dress is one of my all-time favorite looks on her:

there's a lot of women that come into fred and love printed items, but say they won't wear them because a. they feel fat in prints, b. they only wear solid colors and c. they feel prints are "too busy"...well, i couldn't disagree more. i think if you keep everything else simple, like shoes and jewelry, this is the most stylish and hot look for summer. i do tend to steer clear of prints in winter, but summer is my time to bust out all the prints. and i realize i get more compliments in my clothing in summer. people remember prints. they don't remember that black tank you wear over and over. i know it's not about other people, but how you feel, but it feels great to have someone compliment you on your ensemble.

our sister store, luscious, opened up last friday next door to fred and is packed with cute printed dresses and tops for the curvier figured. this dress reminds me of something in there and i love it:

stop into luscious thru the end of the month for 25% off your purchase! say hi to my friend, and owner, kotti. she's amazing and can help you look your best this summer.

while you're there, hop on over to fred and score these new items we just got in. i think this dress is one of the cutest dresses we've ever had in:

and even though it seems like summer is finally here, it still is chilly at night. we got in these super cute lightweight wraps in three colors...oatmeal, a subtle aqua-ish color and black:

so, stop into fred and luscious soon and score some hot summer frocks like this dress, similar to one of my favorite fashion mavens, joy bryant:

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