Tuesday, September 1, 2009

taken out of context(ure)

my favorite part about fall dressing besides the amazing boots, is experimenting with textures. i feel my best when i'm comfortable, yet i don't want to sacrifice style too much. i saw this picture of a woman in a purple satin corseted balenciaga dress with a cozy looking wool/cashmere blend purple coat over it. i was inspired. i have my favorite fuzzy pale blue coat from fred and i had to get a satin dress to wear under it. so i did. minuet dresses at fred rule. they fit like a glove and are inexpensive, but look like a million bucks. the outfit kinda looks like this:
well, not really, but the strapless dress looks similar, but my coat is much fuzzier/cozier looking with a shawl collar. i love the way the fabrics play off one another. silky satin, which is fitted and sexy, worn with a warm and toasty fuzzy winter coat. i have always been a fan of mixing textures. like wearing leather with cashmere. i swear i'd wear it all through fall if i could afford to. mixing a leather skirt, or the of-the-moment leather legging type pants with a soft knit sweater. how perfect:
for me, i feel like i'm pulling off a rocker look, hard and edgy, but adding a feminine, or not so harsh sweater to balance it out. it works for me. and i don't feel like i'm trying too hard to be cool. same goes for my leg/footwear. i love playing with texture. textured tights, a sweater dress and a shoe of a different texture. i'm all about suede. i love suede shoes even though they're not that practical for this state and its wretched weather, but i love wearing tights with a pattern, a warm chunky knit sweater dress and suede shoes. all i need is a hot toddy or some cold weather beverage in my hand and i'm a happy camper.

yep, it's like comfort food for fashion. and honestly it's my favorite part of cold weather. wearing the clothes to keep me warm, but still looking good. so, that's all i'm thinking about now as the temps keep dropping a little, and the sun goes down earlier....cold weather..ugh, keep it. but bring on the mixed textures and cozy pieces of fall and winter.

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