Monday, September 14, 2009

edge of night

i've been living and breathing fashion the last couple weeks...with fashion night out last thursday, the big lela fashion show on saturday and planning our huge upcoming fred fashion show next week thursday, along with our ladies night this's been event after event. throw in the rachel zoe project, project runway, flaire's styling competition and it seems i don't have any time for anything other than fashion these days. i'm not complaining, but i will say it's making it hard for me to not want everything i see. i'm trying to be good and not spend, but really? how can i not when all the trends are constantly being shoved down my throat? haha, that was dramatic and harsh, but i really am battling my shopaholic tendencies lately. so far, however, i am sticking to my list. i'm not straying. at all. i'm proud of myself that way. but i can't keep my head on straight these days because all i want to do is shop. i think about material things morning, noon and night. is that shallow? perhaps, but i like to think it's part of my job to think about these things...well, that's how i justify it anyway. so, on rachel zoe, taylor has been wearing an army green military-esque jacket and i've wanted one for months now. she wears hers with a huge turquoise statement necklace. i saw a jacket styled with a heather grey vneck tshirt and a floral topshop skirt. so, this is next on my list to purchase. we're getting a super cute one in next week at fred that i'm dying to get. check out what i'm talking about:
they're casual for the most part..i used to have one in the 90s that i wore during my grunge phase, but this time around i'll wear it with skirts and dresses, not my ripped up jeans. i think that's what i love most about fashion right now for myself. wearing things unexpectedly. like a leather bomber or biker jacket over a cocktail dress. wearing this casual jacket with a high waisted floral skirt...wearing anything in an unexpected manner is what i'm about right now. take leather. yes, i'll wear it via my bomber and biker jacket, but how cool is leather when you wear it like this?:
you don't see too many leather cardigans, which is why i love that.
same goes for this leather tank top. and yes, there have been some cute leather dresses, but this leather dress just hasn't been seen too often:
so cute, minus the side boob shot. i'd wear a tank under it. even wearing this fancy cocktail dress with the faux leather bottom part is cool:
so, i'll be getting some leather or faux leather pieces that are unexpected this season. sequins are huge too, so i'm thinking i'll skip the sequin skirt or jacket, even though i love them, and go for something more unexpected like this sequin tshirt:
you get the point, wear the trends in a not-so-obvious manner. i'll continue to daydream, night dream, any dream about obtaining the remainder of my fall must have list. i'm happy to hear that some of my readers are making their own fall binders too. yay! i'm not alone. love it!


Rebekah said...

I have a fashion-related question. I just picked up a "leather" motorcycle-ish vest from Target, but I'm not sure what to wear it with. I can see how a motorcycle jacket would look good with a dress, but since this vest is sleeveless of course, I'm having trouble thinking of what to pair it with so that I don't look too "biker chick." Being in Milwaukee, home of Harley Davidson, it's probably a very fine line to walk. I'd want to wear it with something that has sleeves since it's fall, too. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Ari Roxx said...
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shopgirl said...

hi rebekah,
i'm so sorry for not writing sooner. to be honest, i didn't think anyone would post comments, as no one really has before. i understand your dilemma re: the vest looking harley-esque. this is what i would do. option 1. wear it over a long sleeve dress, i can picture a chiffon/silky material..something feminine, and wear the vest over it. wear it with tights and boots. option 2. wear it over a button down top, either a classic white one, or a chambray blue, wear it with leggings (even though i'm not a huge fan of leggings) or skinny jeans and boots. then wear a blazer over the whole thing. i guess those are my best ideas. i'm so sorry it took me so long to respond. thanks for reading my blog!

shopgirl said...

hi ari! your mom looks awesome all the time and she's probably one of the coolest people i've ever met. yes, i 100% can see her in that second green jacket. we were supposed to get one similar at fred, but they were sold out. ugh. so, i've been on a hunt myself. i saw one at h&m that was similar. i think you should go look there. i love h&m cuz it's so reasonably priced. i'm sorry i am just responding to this now...and i never got any message on the fred boutique email from you. :( i'll check out your blog and keep you posted on the green jacket if i see one or we get one in. thanks for reading my blog. i hope i get a chance to meet you soon! say hi to your mom too for me.

Jeff Smith said...

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