Monday, September 28, 2009

and the emmy goes to...

so, the fashions at the emmys left me wanting something more. old hollywood glamour, long fitted dresses, jeweled embellishments...i felt like i was seeing a lot of the same thing. i wasn't really wowed. maybe i'm too critical, but really, i usually see something that takes my breath away. this awards show was eh, ho hum. my absolute favorite look was by far the weeds chick. mary louise parker. she stood out--in a good, well, great way. i think i loved it cuz it was short. and everything else was long and fitted with some grand tail like appendage at the bottom. this was awesome on her. she's hot and the color was amazing. i know blake lively's red number was critiqued by some, but i kinda liked it. i usually hate the color red, but i thought she pulled this look off well. and her hair was wacky but cool. that weird ponytail all funked up was different: there were a couple other dresses i thought were ok.
the three of them look glamorous...they stood out a bit. the first dress' color is great and i like the belted action, kate walsh looks stunning and i must say i think julia looks amazing in her blue number. but really, nothing to steal the show. i will say i was grossed out by a couple looks:
padma's purple dress is a nice color, and i have to admit i like the shredding bit on the shoulder, but why on god's green earth would you throw that blob of red flowers on the side? it looks like flowers you get when you win a horse race or something. that's what i thought of. it's just too odd for me.
and the award for the most unflattering fit dress goes to sarah silverman. eeeaashhh. what a trainwreck that is. drapey, ill fitting blob of wrinkly blue. yikes. bad call on that one.

um, are you kidding me with this one? do i need to say anything at all here? ugh, yuck. so, overall, i wasn't impressed.

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