Monday, October 12, 2009

stay puft marshmallow man

when i first saw ghostbusters as a kid, i thought the stay puft marshmallow man was the cutest thing ever. my mom even made me a replica of it. it was my favorite toy. this is who i speak of:

awww, look at that guy. he's cute. anyway, since the weather has completely flipped over the last week and it's a mere 40 degrees, all i've been thinking about is a new winter coat. i already feel like i need one. in october. i love jackets..i have a bunch...leather, blazers, cropped military name it, but i struggle year after year with a winter coat. my friend alicia and i finally consigned our same winter coat that we wore for like five years straight. a black and white marled wool number. it was time to retire it. year after year i want to buy a new winter coat, but i never find one that i absolutely love. i'm determined this year. i know what i want. i've had it in my head for two years. olive green, mid thigh to knee length olive green parka/anorak style with a fur lining. i think i've mentioned this before. but i can NEVER find it. ever. i saw one in a lucky magazine two years ago, and have wanted it ever since. what is the connection to the stay puft marshmallow man you ask? well, i wear this puffy north face jacket all the time, even if it doesn't go with my fashion sense, strictly for its warmth. people have called me the stay puft marshmallow man, or they say i look like ralphie's brother randy all bundled up in his snowsuit in a christmas story, or they call me the michelin man. i never took offense to it, because honestly being warm is one of the most important things to me. i don't care how silly i look if i'm warm. i got teased the other night b/c i was wearing a big wool scarf and a knit hat inside a bowling alley...i was cold. 40 degrees is freezing to me. so, i'll wear it. and ignore the comments. but there are tons of women who come into fred looking for jackets and refuse to buy a "bulkier" jacket because they feel fat in it, or say it doesn't show off their bodies. hmmmm, to me a winter coat should shield you from the treacherous and harsh wisconsin winters. i don't think you should be judged on your outerwear here. i understand the need to look chic, believe me, but a little practicality never hurt anyone.

i just re-started my winter coat hunt recently, and i still haven't found "the one." but i'm not giving up. i'll wear my michelin man puffer until i find something practical and fashionable. it's a tough one, even for me. but in phase one of my hunt, i did find some nice coats:

i always wanted a camel colored coat in wool, and i like this one. but for the love of god, put some pants on that chick. jeez. this dark one is sleek, i like the length of it, but it could be almost too long for me at 5'4". i dunno.
see, that's the color i want, but longer and with fur lining. impossible to find. well, not impossible, but it is if you want one under $800.

i would love a faux fur, but it's definitely not for everyday wear. i love how warm that one looks. i think i am gonna get a faux fur this year fur sure. god, i'm lame sometimes.

this one is the closest to what i want, except it's in gray, and has toggle closure on it. i'm not a huge toggle fan, but i do like this coat. and if i don't find something by thanksgiving, i'm gonna have to go for this one:

but that's the extent of the fur lining i want. it looks warm, cozy, kinda log cabin/woodsy chic. i guess that's what i want. only if that was in olive green...ugh, why is my winter coat hunt so hard? i have this black wool coat i wore to the ground too, but i'm sick of it. got it for cheap at a sample sale, but it's beat to hell. buttons falling off the sleeves, small tear in's looking a little rough around the edges. kinda like me lately. maybe i should cut it some slack and wear it another year. eh, maybe not. this is when i know to end my blogging for the day. i'm having a debate with myself whilst posting. i'm sure it's annoying to read. so, i'll write to y'all next week.


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