Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i was a huge tomboy growing up. i'd say i was a tomboy thru college. it wasn't til i started working at nine west in my early 20s that i even thought about what i was going to wear. i mean, i always liked clothes, and reading fashion mags and whatnot, but i was a jock. jocko johnson...people actually called me that. i stuffed my "thunder thighs"(thanks for that self confidence blow uncle mike) into my lame-o abercrombie jeans and tossed on a hooded sweatshirt and thought i looked good. i look back now and see that i still have that sporty vibe going on pretty much every time i don't work. i have a ton of clothes, but i reach for the same army green or camouflage cargo pants and my decades old off the shoulder grey sweatshirt that is literally hanging on by a thread at least once a week. as i get older, i realize for me, comfort is a main priority in my life. sometimes that means sacrificing looking fabulously hot, but i accept that. sometimes i think i walk out the door looking like a haunted house, and to my surprise people will compliment me and say i look good. i'll spend two minutes throwing myself together garbed in my newly dubbed "sporty chic" apparel and i'll get more compliments than when i take an hour trying to primp myself and dress to the nines. my friend annie at fred struggles with her casual wardrobe. i think i've mentioned this before. she's constantly in heels and dresses, and looks great, but when it comes time to go the brewer game or something, is plagued with the what should i wear dilemma. a lot of people that come into fred want to have some weekend appropriate clothes and find themselves confused on what to wear to look cute, yet stylish.

my go to outfit as previously stated is army green pants and a gray sweatshirt. not a pull over collegiate-type sweatshirt, but something cut a little "sexier" and more modern. something like this:
there's something about that heather gray that i can't stay away from. i'm always drawn to it. it's another one of my fashion equivalents to comfort food. i love wearing the look with some kind of pumas, or asics or even my bright red and cobalt blue saucony tennis shoes. i'm not a shoe whore, but when it comes to tennis shoes, i can't help myself and want to buy a zillion pairs.
i'm not a color person, but when it comes to shoes like that, i'd wear 'em all. add some cushy yet fashionable athletic socks like these:
and throw on some form of a hat:

they key is not to overthink this look. just put on your favorite articles of comfortable clothing and wear them with confidence. don't think you're a scrub if you're not wearing your skinny jeans and five inch heels. you can look hot in your old standbys. channel your inner emilio estevez in breakfast club..."come on sporto, level with me..."

and stop into fred for your casual basics...new zenana long sleeve knit basics, infinity scarves and don't forget to take advantage of their buy one sweater, get one half off sale.

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Annie said...

you know i want those pink n gray pumas! and i can justify it because i have 'no casual wardrobe' hahahah....so true! love you!