Tuesday, October 6, 2009

time to ski-daddle

yeah, my brain's not functioning as creatively as possible today, hence the lame title of this post. who even says skeedaddle? is that even how it's spelled? enough rambling. i'm sitting here writing this and it sounds like the wind is going to bust through one of my windows. it sounds treacherous outside. blustery. scary even. it sounds like winter. i know that's weird, but it does. and it's making me think ski lodge. have i ever gone skiing? no. have i ever stepped foot in a ski lodge? no. i don't know why i'm really thinking of that, but i am. i think perhaps i've been obsessed with the aspen chic look lately. thick chunky knits just made for sipping hot toddys around a fireplace. check out this pic of a ski lodge that inspired this aspen chic posting: are you kidding me with that place? i wanna go there. just so i can wear the clothes that just beg to be worn at a place like that. i saw this sweater at the end of summer and i wanted it:
i hate the shoes and skirt with it, but i love the sweater. ski lodge. aspen chic. of course it was out of my price range and sold out really quick, but i decided when i saw that sweater, i was going to find a similar sweater, and i still plan on it. i checked out a bunch of websites and found some pretty decent options:
each and every one of those sweaters make me happy. i think the thicker the better. the chunkier knit, the better. i love the bundled up look. everyone knows my love of the brand haute hippie, but this sweater, well, blanket sweater is almost too much, but i don't know, i'd probably wear it if i ever made it to a ski lodge.

a bit overwhelming on that model's frame, and probably on most people's frame, but i suppose appropos for a night cap apres ski.

it may be a little premature to post about this stuff, but like i said, it sounds like winter right now. just toss on my new favorite brand of boots, ash, and you have your whole look ready to pack for your winter getaway:

how cute are they? ugh, i want to go on vacation. or shop. we started getting in great sweaters and sweater dresses at fred, and i have to restrain myself from buying every one. i could live in knits, and i pretty much do this time of year. i'm sorry to get you all thinking of winter, and snow, and whatnot, but it's what's on my mind today. come into fred and check out our great selection of sweaters and sweater dresses. get cozy and fashionable as the temperatures keep dropping!

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