Thursday, March 19, 2009

yellow ledbetter

what does that even mean? yellow ledbetter? i was trying to come up with something catchy as a title because i'm blogging about yellow dresses and mixed metals. that's all i could come up with. it doesn't really make sense, but then again, it could since i don't know what it means. anyway, i read life and style magazine for the celeb fashion trends...not for creepy octo-mom gossip, but the last issue was full of yellow dresses and it just made me happy. i love the color yellow. it looks iffy on me, but i love it. it's cheery and reminiscent of the sun, i guess, and that's why i love it. mixed metals are huge right now too. i love accessories. probably just as much as clothing. and i'm so glad mixing metals is finally acceptable. i used to always wear black and brown together and people would say, "you can't mix black and brown," and i would just look at them and say i liked it, big deal, but it seemed like i was breaking a fashion law. same went for mixed metals. you could only wear all gold or all silver. well, i'm glad to say, anything goes now. i love this crazy kinda over the top mixed metal necklace. i've really never seen anything like it, so i love it. statement necklaces are still huge, and this one makes a statement. i'm also a fan of this other look-at-me necklace:
if you don't like pieces that mix both metals, just wear your favorite pieces of gold jewelry, with some silver. i wear my hammered gold cuff, that looks like this on one arm:

and i'll wear it with a couple thin silver bangles on the other. or i'll wear that cuff on one arm, and a big chunky hammered silver ring on the opposite hand. i'm just glad the days of matchy matchy are over. yuck. gold and silver make great neutrals too. when i'm not sure of what color footwear to wear with a certain outfit, i can always put on my gold or silver sandals and they look good. with anything really.

so,there's some more examples of mixing metals. you can wear them any season, any occassion and you'll look great. now, to put me in a better mood--yellow! i picture myself on vacation somewhere in this dress:

it just looks comfortable. i'd consider belting it so it's not so sack-like...not that it looks sack-like there, but it never hurts to define a waist. i love the chestnut colored sandals with the yellow too. so cute. pretty much any of these yellow dresses make me smile and i want them all:

i like that they are styled so many different ways. wearing the dress with black opaques is a great going out look, when it's this time of year...too chilly to go bare legged. i love the trendy funky second look with the short cowboy boots and the last dress is so simple and looks great with the gladiator-inspired chestnut brown sandal. the options are endless!

and if you have more time to kill after reading this, check out the new additions to our website at click on the kiss and makeup box for product reviews/trends. there's a box for my favorite celeb looks and a box for styling tips. don't forget it's ladies night at fred next thursday, march 26th from 5-10pm! hope you can make it!

so, i'll leave you with eva mendes wearing a yellow dress...and one quite similar in stock now at fred!

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