Wednesday, March 11, 2009

that dvf garden zaria jacket

i can't get that jacket out of my head. it's about $900 bucks so i really need to stop obsessing. i've resorted to outlining ways to obtain said jacket. donate plasma, be an egg donor, sell random things on ebay, consign more clothes...anything to have this gem hanging in my closet. here it is, incase you haven't seen it. ah, ms. von furstenberg, you've really outdone yourself this time: i fell in love with it the second i received the march issue of elle magazine with jessica alba wearing it on the cover. everything about it is beautiful. must win lottery. anyway, it sparked my latest obsession with all things garden floral. the jacket is like a piece of art. it looks as if the floral pattern was painted on by one of the great impressionist painters or something. my hunt began to find this look, but at a price point i could afford. i learned that this look is easier to find that i thought it would be. it's everywhere! mary kate and ashley's line, elizabeth and james, had a couple pieces that fit the bill. i love this tulip dress from their line. and have been drooling over their "spring bell" skirt for a month now:
and learned it came in dress form too:
but what i chose to own was the elizabeth and james toyko ikat print blouse instead, since it reminds me a bit of the dvf jacket:

i am in love. i'm going to wear it with my new william rast birdie boyfriend shorts. hurry up spring...

anyway, in my search i found tons of clothing items with this dreamy garden-floral print. i especially enjoyed all the silk scarves i found. versace, missoni, gucci...everyone had beautiful scarves right now:

i want to collect them like pieces of art and hang them on my walls. hmmm...maybe i will.

drew barrymore wore an amazing alberta ferretti dress that made me want to stock up on silk floral dresses for spring and summer. and i LOVE the fred dress that meghan is wearing in this picture. i can't wait to own it:

i think i may really be on the color-for-spring bandwagon. just seeing color makes me smile. but of course i'm still a LBD fan and always will be. just as we got this floral dress in, we got in two of the best black dresses EVER at fred. i've knocked them both off as seen on the hopefully soon to be knocked up jennifer aniston. enjoy:

Knock It Off

Knock It Off Again


2bella4u said...

hi fredgal! just stopping by to show ur blog some love. i look forward to reading it every week and seeing your knock it off styles, so i can run right into freds and snatch them up!

shopgirl said...

thanks so much for following my blog! i just checked yours out too, and will follow it! it's nice to know someone reads my blog!