Monday, March 2, 2009

for the love of god, stop snowing

posting about spring fashion usually cheers me up. i anticipate happy hours on outdoor patios or walking and shopping around the third ward or brady street in cute floral dresses and sandals. i'm finding it a challenge to even muster up one happy springy thought right now. seriously, i don't think i can take the snow anymore. it's march. please stop. it looks like early january outside my window right now. my friend who lives 10 minutes away from me said it's perfectly sunny and not a lick of snow has fallen by her. i couldn't get my car out of my garage because i was snowed in earlier today. it's a gd blizzard here. agghhh wisconsin weather, you really suck.

so i'm in a darker mood and that's inpiring my trend picks this week. i've been dying for a leather motorcycle jacket for awhile now. i have a pleather one, that i do really like, but since it's colder here more than it's warmer, i think i can justify a real leather one at this point. i've been waiting for this guy to go on sale for what seems like an eternity:
i love the color of that one. and it's the perfect cut/style to go over most things that i'll be wearing this spring. drapey tshirts, floral dresses...anything really. that's the beauty of these jackets. they add the same coverage as a cardigan (kinda) but they're so much cooler and edgier. i like this one a lot too. the details make it stand out to me:
i like the elbow detail:
i don't even care what color i get. i love all the tans, taupes, or even the classic black. they all look good and are extremely versatile:
you can pair them with my other trend of the week...zippers. they're everywhere. i love dresses with a big zipper in the front like these:
or trendier yet, the back zipper. check out my new intern meghan in a couple of fred dresses that nail this zipper trend:

the zipper is almost an accessory on its own, so don't go overboard with jewelry or crazy footwear. the dress is the statement here. keep the rest simple. so, just throw your new leather jacket over the dress and add some pumps and you're done. easy.

and my last trend of the week is the romper. look at little dakota fanning all growns up. hahaha. she looks cute in her onesie. seriously though, rompers are hot for spring. fred just got in a couple styles of rompers and they will go quick. come check them out:

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Ronald said...

Motorcycle jackets x2 coming up! Look for em this week at fred:) fred