Monday, December 21, 2009

look what the cat dragged in...

i'm not an animal person. my only pets were three goldfish i won at my grade school church festival named after my uncles, buck, jack and mike. they didn't last long...i'm pretty sure i ate one of my goldfish on a dare for like $3. swallowed it whole. gross. really danielle? three dollars? so silly. so, i've never had that bond with animals. when people treat their pets like children, it makes me cringe. i have nightmares about dogs talking to me in italian. when i see dogs in strollers, i feel my face morphing into a perplexed, disgusted scowl. it's bad. so, it surprises me that i'm obsessed with bizarre animal rings. one of my favorite rings that i own is this blingy alligator one:
probably my favorite ring of all time. until this monstrosity showed up at fred last week and now i've moved on to this crazy guy:

i mean, seriously, who doesn't need an oversized turquoise octopus ring in their repertoire? i certainly do.

and snakes...ugh, my greatest fear. i fainted as a kid when someone put a snake on me. i can't even watch cheesy movies like anaconda or snakes on a plane without closing my eyes at parts because they freak me out so bad. but do i have a snake cuff bracelet? yes. do i want a snake ring like this? uh, yeah.

birds. yuck. when i see birds, i think filth. but is this a cute ring or what?
owls. never gave them a second thought in my life.

yet i'd wear it. i don't really get it. maybe because they're not alive. that sounds bad. i sound like a horrible person. i hope that's not the case. anyway, these rings make me smile. they're the closest thing i'll ever come to being an animal lover. i think they're adorable.

they're the perfect gifts. and we just restocked 'em at fred. come check them out. only three more shopping days. come and get some great gifts. or get the buy one get one gift certificate deal that's so popular and easy on the wallet. happy holidays!


Emily said...

c'mon, I know you secretly love Laszlo and let him lick your face when no one is looking.

On that note, where's my gold chihuahua head statement necklace I've been wanting? Hopefully thats what you picked up at Target for me today...the only thing that could possibly cause you to violate the "no prezzies for the roommate" rule we established.


Emily said...

p.s. How, may I ask, did you with your stomach issues swallow a live goldfish and not die of acute intestinal distress immediately afterwards?